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Yes, today is the Inkwell's fifth anniversary! On this date in 2008, the mun granted Clockwork Doc the title to the place, figuring that, should things go wrong RP-wise, having him in command of the vaguely-imagined place she was using as a muse hangout would be good for keeping him around.

It's proven to be a lot more than that, hasn't it? The population's jumped up to ten regulars and a bunch of visitors, the place has gotten a solid construction (helped by some Sims-related blueprints), and it's essentially become the home away from home for all of the RP muses. So five years of having it around is more than adequate reason to celebrate!

And celebrating they are -- the Inkwell is hung with rainbow-colored streamers and balloons, and a big sign declaring "FIVE YEARS" in shimmery silver letters. The jukebox is on and playing a medley of songs from the soundtracks of BTTF, Corpse Bride, and both Alice games. The tables all have new tablecloths, and a bunch of the chairs have ribbons tied on them, thanks to Dee. And the bar -- well, it's clear to see Doc and March have gone all-out with the food. There's large bowls of potato chips, popcorn, and pretzels, a huge plate piled with sandwiches (chicken and chicken salad on one end, turkey and ham in the middle, tuna and cucumber at the other end), and various kinds of cake and pie ready for serving. There's also a "build your own" sundae station, with nuts, various kinds of syrups, whipped cream, different kinds of mini-candy, sugar cones (either for crushing and mixing or for using as hats for face sundaes), bananas for banana splits, and a little mini-freezer keeping the chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cookie dough, and Snickers-style ice cream cool. Basically, whatever the hell you'd like to eat, it's available.

So yeah, come and celebrate with the gang! (And hurry, because with three Victors around these days, the sweets probably won't last long.)

9/8/13 12:16 (UTC)
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AL and the guys pop in. They're aruguing...or discussing loudly as they cross the threshold. AL, incendentally, is standing with Eleven but is no longer clinging to him.

"I mean," Eleven is saying, "that he's not even really 'official' yet and already you want to move him in?"

"Can't you at least wait until we know his wardrobe?" adds Ten.

"I didn't say I was going to do it right away," says AL. "I just said it might be a nice idea to do it! And don't blame me...blame the alter ego! She's the one who fell hopelessly in love with him before he even hit the screen!" She notices that they've arrived. She blushes and her wings flush pink. "Er, hi, all. Happy anniversary, Doc!" She rushes to give him a hug.

(Again, DW is blocked on work computers so replies will be sporadic)
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9/8/13 18:13 (UTC)
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There's a chorus of "DOES SHE APPROVE?!?!?!" from every one of her companions.

AL blushes and looks down. "I still say blame the alter ego...she's become more obsessed than ever over a new Doctor." She pokes the floor with her foot.

"She's already talking about moving him in," says Eleven. "And we don't know his wardrobe."

"Or if his actor will be allowed to keep his Scottish accent," adds Ten. He shrugs. "Mine didn't."

AL hasn't looked up. "I may not move him in right away but he's sure gonna be invited to the party I throw for the 50th anniversary, wardrobe and accent or no wardrobe and accent. He'll just wear a tux or something."

9/8/13 18:32 (UTC)
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AL smiles at the pat. "His name is Peter Capaldi." She rummages around hammerspace for a picture. "He's actually been in the show one of Ten's episodes."

"Donna and I saved he and his family from Vesuvius."

"It's his only black mark in the alter ego's eyes...being in the show already. He was also in the spinoff."

"Playing a bad guy," says Jack.

"But the alter ego doesn't remember much about it since it's been so long and she isn't going to rewatch anytime soon. And, um, if you've heard of the movie World War Z, he was in that. Playing a doctor in the World Health Organization."

Eleven grins. "So he was a W.H.O. Doctor."

9/8/13 18:52 (UTC)
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AL smiles again. "He's the same age as the actor who played the very first Doctor. I think he's very handsome."

"Thank you," the five Doctors chorus and AL makes a face at them.

"It remains to be seen if they'll make a thing out of it, but I like that idea of Caecilius being Twelve in disguise. Even if it makes no sense with the wife and kids thing." It's well known what her opinion of the Doctor being married is.

AL laughs with Marty. "Maybe. It's said that the show's head writer basically had one name on the list and there you go."

9/8/13 19:10 (UTC)
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AL chuckles. "By late him - " She points to Eleven. " - the Doctor is 1100 years old. I think he's entitled to a few wrinkles around the eyes."

She nods at Forgotten. "I like that idea." Then she giggles at Marty. "When is time travel not complicated?"

She nods again, this time at Doc. "One of the biggest honors over on their side of the pond. Peter is a longtime fan, so I...we, that is, the alter ego and I, think he'll be great. David Tennant was a fan and so was Matt Smith and they were both brilliant."

"Thank you," says Ten and Eleven and again AL shoots them a look.

"I have heard of people saying no...other commitments and suchlike." She shrugs, then chuckles. "Maybe they're just afraid of being mobbed by crazy fans for the rest of their lives."

9/8/13 19:23 (UTC)
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"That's what I told him in a story scene the alter ego is writing because she's nuts See? Gray is distinguished." AL crosses her arms and nods in a determined manner.

She nods at Doc. "That's what we're hoping." To Forgotten, she says, "It's mostly the fans of the 'New' series that dislike the fact that he's older. The other fans who have grown up with the show and are used to seeing the older Doctors are pretty much fine with it. I know the alter ego is. More than fine, as you've heard."


9/8/13 19:39 (UTC)
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AL giggles hard at Doc and Marty, then says to Forgotten, "Don't know, overall. Personally I hope he keeps the accent. It's not as..." She searches for the right word. "Rough? No, that's not you hear David speak, you can definitely tell he's Scottish. But when Peter talks, you really only hear it strongly on certain words, otherwise it's not as...pronounced?" She's having a hard time explaining it. "Like, 'He has an accent...what is it?...oh, Scottish' kind of thing." She looks frustrated with herself. "I know I'm not explaining it well. Bottom line, I like his normal accent." She shrugs.

10/8/13 00:10 (UTC)
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"Yeah but everything I've seen Johnny Depp in he's doing some kind of English-ish accent so close enough."

"I can understand him just fine, but I'm used to listening with an accent," says AL. "I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Actually a big complaint was that the new Doctor wasn't a Person of Color or a woman." She grimaces and lowers her voice to say, "Personally I'm glad of that...I don't think I'd be this ecstatic if they broke the mold they've had for 50 years."

10/8/13 00:38 (UTC)
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AL nods. "According to Neil Gaiman, who wrote a couple episodes and V knows him from 'Coraline', a black actor was approached but turned it down. I know it sounds awful, but I like the Doctor the way he is."

10/8/13 00:57 (UTC)
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"Well it's kind of Burton-y." AL shrugs. "Puppets and all..."

AL nods vigorously. "Again, 50 years of the same type of person playing the Doctor. I don't think I could handle a change that big."

((Yeah, I'm awful))

10/8/13 01:13 (UTC)
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AL nods once more. "Yes, yes it did. And I'm really sorry for bringing my obsession into your party. I'm inviting you guys to the 50th anniversary party, so feel free to do the same then." She smiles.

10/8/13 01:38 (UTC)
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AL's solemn nod turns into one of cheerfulness. "Of course I am! I know it's a 'Doctor Who' anniversary and I'm gonna have a houseful of alumni but I couldn't possibly have a party without my closest friends."

"We want you there, too," adds Ten with a grin.

"Yes," says Eleven. "You're rather like family at this point." Coming from him, that means a lot.

((I may not be able to bring over the LJ community planet_alnilam because technically the comm's not mine, it's Ben's, but I might make one on DW for the occasion))


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