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Spring/Early Summer birthday season is beginning in the Inkwell! And as usual we have our own flight attendant guy to help start the festivities going. The party planners nearly went for a zombie theme just because, but eventually that was decided as possibly being a bit mean to the birthday boy, and instead a plane theme was chosen, with various skylines drawn on the windows and the bar made up to look like a cockpit. (And Bonejangles as the pilot, because Simon LIKES him, and they need to have a bit of fun.) There's snacks and music, so come on down!

1/4/14 18:10 (UTC)
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Lucy brings out her gift, which is in a rather large box wrapped in green and blue paper. "Okay, this is gonna look a bit odd, coming from me, but -- well -- it's something you can probably use at some point," she says, looking both excited and awkward at once.

1/4/14 18:12 (UTC)
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"Whoa -- nice hardware!" Steve says, impressed.

"Bet you definitely get more bullet for your bullet with that baby," Gary agrees.

1/4/14 18:13 (UTC)
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Lucy shrugs. "You live an exciting life! Here defined as 'you've gotten into major trouble before and could again, so let's keep you safe.' And I'm pretty sure a sniper rifle is one of the few weapons you don't have."

1/4/14 18:16 (UTC)
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"Basically took advantage of Vic's authorial privilege," Lucy admits with a giggle. "Couldn't really just walk into a store and grab one of those."

1/4/14 18:17 (UTC)
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"And if you need a hand figuring it out, Steve and I could give you some tips," Gary adds, Steve wiggling his side panels in agreement. "I mean, this sort of shit is what we're made for. A bit poorly, yeah, but. . ."

1/4/14 18:18 (UTC)
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"You're welcome," Lucy says, kissing his cheek. "Happy birthday."

2/4/14 01:35 (UTC)
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(Typo warning as I'm on the tablet)

AL and the guys march in only slightly late. As threatened promised, she's got two new faces in the group. Well, one new and one new only to those who hadn't come to her 50th anniversary celebration for the Doctor.

Yes, she has Agent Phil Coulson of SHIELD and the Twelfth Doctor with her and she looks positively ecstatic about this fact.

"Hi, folks!" she chirps. "Happy birthday, Simon!"

2/4/14 02:28 (UTC)
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AL grins and giggles. "Well, I wasn't going to bring Twelve until after we've seen his first full story in August, but he just looks so damn good in the outfit I couldn't resist." She strikes a Vanna White-esque pose to show off said outfit, Twelve himself giving a tug on his lapels with a cheeky grin, then chuckles and shrugs. "As for Coulson...well, yeah he's the latest in the line of my guys." (I can't call him Phil...there's two guys at work with that name and it's just weird, lol) "Do what I do...blame the alter ego." She grins big. "Introductions! Everyone, Agent Phil Coulson from SHIELD and, for those of you who weren't at my party, the Twelfth Doctor." Let's NOT get into the numbering system... "Guys, everyone." Obviously she'd given the two of them a bit of background before coming over.

"Hello there," says Twelve, hint of a Scottish accent in his voice if Gallifrey had a Scotland.

"Hello," says Coulson with a wave. "Happy birthday, Simon. Mine is actually tomorrow."
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3/4/14 01:58 (UTC)
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(Typo warning as I'm on Ed's laptop and the size of the keyboard throws me off)

AL snerks. "Well, I would, too." No sex drive, no desire to see nakedness. She gets a mischievous grin on her face. "There is a photo of Twelve still in Eleven's purple suit but sans jacket. He's got a vest on. I'm sure the alter ego posted it." She looks to Twelve. "Yeah, that pretty much started the whole 'omg he looks so good' thing, then when they finally released a photo of the official outfit...yeah. I may not be into...you know, certain things, but even I can appreciate how handsome he looks."

Twelve blushes slightly and clears his throat. "A waistcoat is just another word for vest," he says, for lack of anything better.

"Oh, she has," says Coulson with a smile. "Once she finally gave in and let us move in."

AL rolls her eyes. "Yes, tell everyone how you begged me to let you move in." She turns to everyone. "Seriously, you should've seen the pathetic puppy eyes he was giving me. Really, it wasn't me bugging the alter ego to move him in this time...it was him bugging me and I was the one trying to talk sense into him! Sure, the alter ego was falling hard before his show took its first break in the season, but there were so many unknowns that giving in right away could've just led to heartsbreak." She briefly wonders if anyone there is familiar with Coulson's fate in The Avengers. "Some of those loose ends needed to be tied before I even agreed to link us...though there are still a lot of loose ends even now, but, well, I just couldn't wait any longer."

"You couldn't take his nagging any longer," Gary (AL's Gary) puts in.

"Yeah, that, too."

Oh, dear...she's gone off on a tangent. Well, she'll explain if anyone asks.

3/4/14 12:22 (UTC)
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AL chuckles. "I'll let you off this time," she says jokingly.

"Weird is just part of the job," says Coulson.

AL points a "you got it" finger at Simon. "Exactly." Glancing at Coulson, she says, "Up to you."

He nods. "SHIELD led me to believe I was dead for only eight seconds and had my recovery in Tahiti." He waits a beat, then continues, "I was dead for days. They performed nine operations and used a drug called 'GH-325' that somehow instantly repaired all the internal - because I still have the scar from the scepter - damage but it caused me to be in a lot of pain." He takes a breath and then says, "I wanted to die, I hurt so badly. So the doctors...altered my memories, making me think I went to Tahiti, because I'd lost my will to live." He straightens. "I have it back, now. My team. Lisa. I definitely have something to live for."

AL goes to him and takes his hand. "Yeah. My problem was...well, I was definitely sure he was human since I could still read his mind. If he were an android or something, I wouldn't be able to." She points to Data as an example. "I knew he had a thing for me, and I knew that he knew that I felt the same way, and I knew he wanted a link, but I just...wanted a few answers before something happened that would change the way I felt about him. I didn't want to go through that again." She sighs. "Though if I'd just agreed the first time he asked me, then maybe we would've found him sooner before Centipede - that's the Big Bad in the show - tortured the real memories out of him."

He puts his arm around her. "Well, what's done is done. I'm just glad you're here now."

She smiles. "Thanks." She turns to everyone else. "And, before you ask, the alter ego hasn't really figured out how we first met yet so I couldn't tell you. Nor, really, how I found out he was alive. Just that I knew, so I was around, and every so often he'd think of me strongly enough that I'd hear and pop in for a visit."

4/4/14 00:55 (UTC)
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"Worse, the drug came from the corpse of an alien," Coulson says. "We don't know what kind or from where. It's a terrible thing they did, yes..."

"But we're going to have to wait," AL adds. "There's six episodes left in the season, so hopefully we'll have some answers." A dark look crosses her face. "Unfortunately, his cellist ex-girlfriend - the one who thinks he's dead...she's mentioned in The Avengers - is going to be in at least one episode." Beat. "The alter ego linked us before knowing that, so...well, let's just say it won't be the first time a canon girlfriend's been retconned. I just hope it's not more than one episode and she doesn't complicate things."

Coulson pretends he didn't hear her and instead answers V with a chuckle. "I was pretty upset, yes." He smiles. "Lisa got me a new set."

"From the same era," she adds, "so they remain vintage."
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4/4/14 17:06 (UTC)
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"Yeah, I'll admit that the system I had so much faith in isn't so great after all..." Coulson rightly doesn't look too happy about this fact. "But at least you get to meet interesting people?"

"Actually," says AL, "they haven't confirmed the second season yet." She smiles at V's theory. "That'd be nice..."

Coulson, again, pretends not to hear her. "One doesn't usually go after the Director of SHIELD with 'something heavy'. Plus, don't forget, as far as I was concerned I'd died and spent my recovery in Tahiti. My cards hadn't been on my mind at the time."

5/4/14 01:15 (UTC)
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"No. Just super-soldier wannabes, psychokinetics, alien viruses, Asgardian artifacts..." Coulson smiles. "Zombies, huh? Sounds interesting, though. Although, I'm sure it wasn't for you."

His smile turns forced when they mention Tahiti. "I'd rather not, actually. The real memories surfacing through the false ones kind of...make me never want to go near the place. Maybe one day, but not anytime soon."

5/4/14 20:10 (UTC)
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Coulson grins at the mention of flamethrowers and AL rolls her eyes. "He's got a car that's equipped with flamethrowers and the world's first GPS."

"Lola's not just a 'car', Lisa," he says. "She's a 1962 Chevy Corvette with modifications based on designs and technologies developed by Howard Stark."

"Well the fact that she flies is cool...reminds me of the DeLorean." Beat. "Oh show them the pictures, I know you want to."

Coulson beams and pulls two photos out of somewhere. He's clearly very proud of the vehicle.

AL jerks her thumb at the second one. "D'you think the hover conversion the DeLorean has originally came from Tony Stark's father, Doc? At least in some universe?"


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