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Spring has finally sprung around the mun's house, just in time for Alice's birthday! As a result, there's a surprising number of flowers around the bar -- little bud roses in tiny vases, and lilies and violets in larger containers. There's also the requisite streamers (blue and white) and balloons (red). The birthday girl herself is making some daisy flower crowns with Dee to celebrate the occasion. She certainly wouldn't say no to extra company!

5/5/15 01:01 (UTC)
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Victor approaches the table with a smile, holding a small yellow-wrapped gift in his hands. "Mind if I interrupt?"

5/5/15 01:02 (UTC)
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"Hopefully the first will do," Victor laughs, handing over his package. "I hope you like it. It's kind of half Butterfly Boy's idea, half mine."

5/5/15 01:03 (UTC)
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"I wanted to make sure I got them right," Victor replies, grinning. "Like I said, it's half Butterfly Boy's idea -- he told me he was planning to do something similar for his Alice on Tumblr. And then he had to do me one better and come up with funny descriptions for his version," he adds, giving his counterpart a pretend glare.

5/5/15 01:04 (UTC)
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"What can I say -- I'm the actual scientist," Butterfly Boy snickers. "Who was going stir-crazy thanks to the chill making it harder to work in my lab. . . I'd be happy to let you see it," he adds to Alice. "I made a copy of the text."

5/5/15 01:06 (UTC)
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"No, I made her a display box about Wonderland instead -- she made me one for the Land of the Dead some time back, and I thought it was about time I returned the favor," Forgotten replies. "Though I did use their illustrations on the Origami Ants from Madness Returns to fold one of my own. I'm -- not sure how well it really turned out, but it's at least recognizable as an Ant. . .I hope. . ."

5/5/15 01:07 (UTC)
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"You're welcome, love," Victor replies, kissing her cheek. "Happy birthday."

5/5/15 12:58 (UTC)
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Late, as nearly always, AL and the guys walk in. AL herself is walking backwards and she's examining Luke's bionic right hand with a frown on her face.

"I wonder what happened in 32 years that it looks like that...?" she mutters to herself, then realizes that they've arrived and turns around quickly. "Woop...sorry. Happy birthday, Alice!"

Luke chuckles and says by way of explaination, "New trailer." He flexes his right hand. "Apparently my older self no longer has synthskin covering the prosthetic so we're wondering what's happened in the years between that caused it."

AL shrugs. "If it is even you...but judging by the clues I don't know of anyone else it could be." She spreads her hands in defeat. "Anyways, how is everything everyone?"

((ngl...kinda wanna see that sketchbook gift in real life, lol))
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6/5/15 13:30 (UTC)
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AL shrugs. "I'd think it'd be pretty durable for everyday use, but who knows? I guess we'll have to wait until December when the movie comes out to know for sure unless a future trailer gives more information, though I doubt it. With the exception of Han in this last one, they seem to be keeping very mum the involvement of the Classic Cast. Not showing their faces and such." She makes a face. "Maybe they're just hiding the fact that you have a beard now."

Luke chuckles. "She doesn't like beards on us," he says. "My actor's not a beard person, either, though if I do have a beard in the future I suppose that's to futher put me into Obi-Wan's role. Passing down knowledge of the Force to the next generation."

AL makes a face again. "Meh. As long as they don't kill you off or marry you off we can always say you shaved it later unless it's a plot point. You know...instead of the trope 'Important Haircut' it could be 'Important Shave' or something. As for the hand...well, that doesn't bother me as much."

She then smiles at Alice. "That's good. You two are so great together, so I'm glad you're happy. As for us...well, the appearance of that trailer kind of halted the me-and-Data thoughts temporarily. Unfortunately the alter ego doesn't have a lot of stories to tell with me and Luke so things have kind of stalled for now." She shrugs. "Such is my life, I guess."

((That'd be cool to see one day. ^^))

7/5/15 12:10 (UTC)
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AL nods. "True. Though the novels and comics aren't counted in my canon because Luke winds up married with a son in the later books and that annoys the alter ego, so she stopped looking for them when she found that out." She makes a face. "It didn't help that they named their son 'Ben', either. We know he's named after Obi-Wan, but still. If he winds up married in the movie, you'll hear us screaming 'I REJECT YOUR CANON AND SUBSTITUTE MY OWN!' from here."

"He -- well, Mark -- had one when he did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge," she says to V. "Movie magic would probably make it look better than on a phone-cam, but I still don't like it. So, yeah, I'm hoping it comes off in the movie."

AL shrugs. "Thus far the alter ego has only gotten out two of our stories because they were important to my canon. The first was when we first met, which is obvious that's important. The second was Luke's promise to me." She waits a second, then explains. "As you may or may not be aware, when Jedi die they become one with the Force. Like with Yoda, Obi-Wan and Anakin appearing as Force Ghosts later on. Since it's pretty much a given that I will outlive Luke, I had him promise to visit me when it inevitably happens."

"That promise is supposed to be plot-relavent later on in your timeline, isn't it?" Luke asks her.

"Yeah," she nods, again making a face. "Your ghost talks me into finally giving in and starting the relationship with JB." She shakes her head. "Other than those two and some story scenes that are just those 'oh-I-have-an-idea-let's-write-it-down-but-no-one's-gonna-read-it-but-me' things, I'm not entirely sure what else we can tell. Though the alter ego is thinking of rewriting the two, so there's that if she ever decides to go through with it." Beat. "You know, until the next thing comes up and changes her focus again." She laughs.
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8/5/15 13:24 (UTC)
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AL snickers. "He'd be the second of my guys to grow facial hair. The first was him." She points to Tommy. "Here, he looks like he did in the 90s with the long hair and clean-shaven. In real life now? Jason David Frank has short hair and a goatee -- well, not a goatee and not a soul's a little line of hair right here." She puts her finger to her bottom lip and traces a line from the center of her lip to the bottom of her chin. "And tattoos," she finishes and then chuckles. "In fact, when he's asked to reprise his roll, which he has been several times because he's just that awesome, they cover the tats on his hands with makeup and he wears high-collar and long-sleeved shirts to cover the rest." She shakes her head. "Eh, what can ya do?" She shrugs. "At least Mark didn't keep it once filming was done."

AL nods. "I know. I actually had him promise after the Battle of Endor. During the party with the Ewoks and everyone we slipped out early and we talked about it before falling asleep that night. So technically that was in the middle?" She makes a so-so gesture with her hands. "The alter ego has had an idea...well, an idea for a picture but since her art skills are pretty much nil she thought of writing it as a story. It's Luke teaching me how to use a lightsaber. See, at the celebrations in Anaheim the guy who played Darth Maul - Ray Park - gave a lightsaber lesson to a couple of the hosts there and she thought it looked so cool and so much fun that she thought that, maybe, Luke would teach me at some point. Which, I'm not gonna lie, sounds neat so I hope she writes it." She laughs. We'll see, AL. We'll see. I do still want to draw it, too.

"Ehh..." she hedges. "I suppose she could if they hadn't been written almost ten or more years ago. To get them up to her standard now, they'd need a complete rewrite." She shrugs.

Then she nods. "Yep. And then once her focus moves on we get bounced around. Data to Luke to Orion knows who next. Something new did come out of this latest thing, though. My ability to understand animals got expanded upon a little. There are a lot of non-human species around especially in the Star Wars universe -- Wookies, Ewoks, Jawas, Sand People, etc. It's been specified that if a species uses animal sounds to communicate, like Chewbacca and other Wookies, I can understand them. If they use words, like the Ewoks, I can't." She shrugs again. "Nothing too big, but interesting nonetheless I think."
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AL nods. "Yeah, I've seen it and I agree with you. I think the only person I know who looked better, if you pardon the term, Growing the Commander Riker from the Enterprise. Speaking of the trope...he's the page image. He shaved it briefly in one of the four movies but thankfully grew it back. Now, granted, I never had to kiss him, so that could be a factor in liking the facial hair on him." She laughs.

She smiles at Alice. "That sounds like fun." She then scratches her head, thinking, and turns to V. "Isn't something with FV!Victor and Wonderland going to come into play later in the series? Maybe something can be inserted there?" She waves her hands. "Not as if I'm telling you how to write your stories...far from it. Just a suggestion." She smiles.

"Yeah~" she says to V, drawing out the word. "Those things were written before my Great Depowering of 2002." Beat. "You weren't here for that. I used to be your very typical Mary Sue...along with what I have now, I also had most of Clark's powers. You know, the invulnerability and the x-ray vision and such. I could, like, conjure stuff out of thin air." She grimaces. "Saying it aloud...I guess it does sound a little off. The alter ego finally realized that I shouldn't have so much power, so she took some of it away and put limits on the rest. I hated her for a while for it, but I got over it. Gosh, I haven't thought about all that stuff in years...but, anyway, yeah. So in those stories I have like no limits, so that doesn't make a very interesting read anymore and another thing that would warrant the rewrite."

AL then grins big at Alice. "But those crossovers are so much fun! Well, when they're not being creepy, that is." She snerks. "Secundus over Forgotten Vows and all. When Worlds Collide had a mixture of both. The Tale was entertaining, too, even though it's still not finished." She shrugs. "And, in my experience, it all depends on the animal. Like, whether or not they have some magic in them or something. Like the unicorns on Alnilam. They sound like regular equines while speaking their native language but they are capable of learning human speech. Some dragons can speak human languages, too. Again, probably magic. Otherwise, well I suppose it'd only work if their vocal chords are capable of forming words." She shrugs again. "My flit, for example, cannot. He relys on telepathy for the most part, though that makes it difficult to communicate with those incapable of 'hearing' him. Like Data or a couple of my friends who are self-aware holograms. Then he has to resort to sign language and that's often open to misinterpretation."

12/5/15 17:32 (UTC)
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AL nods. "Yep. Exactly."

"That's all in one story?" she asks V. "Sounds like it'll be a long one then. But we're looking forward to reading it." Beat. "As always."

She nods at Steve. "Yeah, basically." She scratches the back of her head. "I went to Hogwarts before I lost my memory. So I can use magic but it's a very, very long time before I remember how in my timeline. And I think since I've lived for so long without it, I generally just forget about things like that. Even here...I mean, give me a wand right now and I can lumos up a light but...well, my wings glow in the dark, too, so why bother? Though I suppose a couple of them would be useful if I were to think about it -- like the water-making one or the one that unlocks doors." She shrugs. "But all that happens when I'm with JB, so...yeah, never gonna come up."

"So is more magic stuff going to come up in 'Fixing You'?" AL asks V, adding, "I mean, I know magic's gonna have to be involved if Alice is going Below, but I mean like wands and glyphs and stuff like that. Or is that another side story?" Inquiring minds want to know!...and AL just happens to be handy to ask the question... ^^v

She then chuckles at Alice's comparison. "Yeah, true. Moonlight's such a cutie." If he's there she'll pet him but even if he's not it doesn't make the statement any less true.
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"Yeah -- this universe is tending toward the long ones," Vic admits, running her fingers through her hair. "And it's the fifth one in the main series, so you'll have to wait until I'm done with 'Remembering You.' And, uh, the edit on 'Forgetting You.'" She frowns at Forgotten. "Your universe is an all-consuming beast!"

Forgotten smirks cheekily at her. "And to think you once tried to dismiss it as 'too creepy.'"

"I can attest to the usefulness of any spell that makes water," Forgotten nods. "Or provides light. I don't think we have one that unlocks doors -- yet," he adds, glancing at Vic. "Though we have plenty that put up barriers of some sort."

"I'll make a note to stick it on the 'other spells I don't want to fully write up' list, along with that 'bag of holding' one I realized ought to be on there," Vic replies. "Personally, Lisa, I don't think you really need much of the Harry Potter-style wand waving. You seem to do really well just being you."

"Yeah, that's the story where they start officially learning about such -- pretty much right at the beginning they run into this guy called Dr. Fixxler, and he starts teaching them about it," Vic explains. "Magic's how Victor gets into Wonderland too -- got a spell where two people can share one's dreamworld. The big traveling spells will be the main focus of that story, but other stuff will definitely be coming up in little side tales."

"He is -- a little surprised he isn't here, actually," Alice comments.

"He and I tend to take over everything if he's around," Forgotten says, then frowns. "On the other hand, considering how the conversation has drifted, I might as well call him in, huh?" A moment's thought, and the little flitt's perched on his shoulder, warbling a hullo to everyone.

13/5/15 12:28 (UTC)
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AL shrugs. "Worth the wait. I, like the alter ego, enjoy whatever you write. I don't think our worlds would've come together if we didn't. In more ways than one since I'm in one of them." She smiles.

And then she blushes, pink wings and all. "Well, thanks..." She clears her throat. "Ooh, sharing dreams is neat. There's a unicorn on Alnilam that can do that for people. His name is Aislin. He helped me and my Doc reunite way back when."

AL waves to Moonlight. "Hello!" She then registers what Victor had said and snickers. "Well, our conversations do tend to go all over the place when we're together, don't they?"

15/5/15 00:42 (UTC)
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Vic blushes a little. "You're really too kind to me. . .I'll try not to make it too long, though. Working on 'Forgetting You' is honestly a great way to keep my brain in the series and not running off on AUs all the time. Except when Helloween starts putting up sets of Bloodborne, admittedly. . ."

"To be fair, I'm a fan of those too," Forgotten says, chuckling.

"Yeah, I remember that story," Vic confirms with a nod. "I figured something like that would be the best way to get Victor into Wonderland. The Forgotten Vows Verse isn't Otherlands-compliant after all, where Alice has the ability to wander into people's minds. Though I don't know if she could bring anybody back with her -- I assume it could work both ways, if she let it. . ." She shrugs. "Something to ponder more when the shorts actually make an appearance."

"Yes, but still," Forgotten says, fidgeting awkwardly as Moonlight flaps his way over to Lisa. "Sometimes I can't help but feel guilty for -- er --"

"Being popular?" Alice inquires, with one of her famous 'why are you being silly' looks. "I thought we've told you time and again we don't mind her having a favorite."

"If you gotta feel guilty, feel guilty for the Wii incident," Gary puts in.

"I said I was sorry for that!"

15/5/15 13:31 (UTC)
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AL catches Moonlight in the air and begins cuddling him, nodding, then giggling about V playing favorites.

Even the guys are chuckling. "Really," says Luke, "you don't think Lisa plays favorites? Either one of them?"

And, one by one, each of the guys turn to look towards the Doctor. Even the Time Lords himselves are staring at Five, who grins sheepishly and scratches the back of his head.

"Er..." he stammers. "Yes, well..."

Actually, the only one who isn't eyeing up the Fifth Doctor is Jamie. "I dinna have that problem," he explains. "He was after me."

"Oh," says Jesse. "So you didn't have the experience of having images of him pop into your mind whenever she sleeps." It was a statement, not a question.

Jamie shakes his head. "No. That happened all the time?"

AL is blushing. "Not all the time..."

"Most of the time," says Clark. "Thankfully with the link, we understood her feelings and didn't let it bother us, right guys?"

All of the guys minus Data nod. "As Lisa and I did not share a link," the android says, "I did not have the same experience as you did." Beat. "However, occasionally Lisa would talk in her sleep -- "

"Oy vey..." she says and directs her attention to petting Moonlight.

"And that is how I found out about her...habit." Data concludes.

"Even we weren't immune," says Eleven, turning to his Fifth self. "You really cemented yourself into her mind, didn't you?"

Five clears his throat. "Quite. But it's not my fault that, when she thinks of us, I'm the one that comes to her mind."

AL sighs and feels the need to speak up. "Okay, yes. Out of all of my guys past, present and future...the Doctor, specifically the Fifth Doctor, is my favorite. Every guy after him has had to deal with me thinking of him first. Even Data although we weren't linked -- he's right; sometimes I talk in my sleep. And I think that particular event is going to be its own story if the alter ego gets her butt in gear." She turns to Forgotten. "So, see? Even I play favorites. But if they don't mind, you shouldn't mind. Right guys?"

They all nod.

AL frowns. "What's the 'Wii incident'?"

17/5/15 01:21 (UTC)
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Moonlight squawks when he's caught, but soon settles down into happy rumbling as he's cuddled. He's just a sucker for pets, honestly.

The mass staring in the direction of poor Five prompts a few snickers from the gang. "Well well. . .I suppose it wasn't too bad for Ten, at least, given his noted fondness for that incarnation," Alice nods, nodding at the Time Lord in question. "And yes, I'm sure she showed you in a variety of ways she loved you all. But it must have been a surprise for everyone the first time it happened for them."

"With Vic it's been more of a drifting thing," Clockwork notes. "I think each of her Doc muses was her favorite when he was first conceived, then I was the favorite for a while, then I'd say DGVictor took up the role when she started shipping Victor & Alice. After that, it was Butterfly Boy when she got excited over Secundus -- and now, you," he adds in the direction of Forgotten. "It's really not a problem, given how many of us have had a chance to be in the spotlight."

That coaxes a smile out of Forgotten. "Thank you."

"Oh, this is good,"" Steve says, rocking on his tripod as Forgotten facepalms. "So you know how we got a bunch of new consoles to use that are all puppy-adapted and stuff, right? And No More Heroes to play on the Wii? Well, we're playing one day, and Forgotten over there is watching, and he says we ain't shit at it."

"I merely said you weren't doing very well!"

"Yeah, yeah, anyway, we told him to do better, figuring there was no way he could since he's Victorian and all."

"Our fault for not remembering a) he's watched both of Helloween's LPs on YouTube with the Vickster there and b) he sometimes lugs around a real sword over on tumblr," Gary says, taking up the tale. "So, uh, he completely showed us up by kicking ass on the stage--"

"And then right at the end, with him all cocky and shit," Steve says gleefully, "he kills the boss with a final swing -- and the remote goes flying out of his hands--"

"And clocks me right in the head," Marty finishes, rubbing his scalp.

Forgotten groans. "I'm just glad I didn't hurt you worse."

17/5/15 03:24 (UTC)
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AL apologizes for startling the little flitt and continues to cuddle him.

"Well," says Ten, "yes. Also by me I'd been having the experience for a while don't forget."

"That's true," says AL as she strokes Moonlight gently. "It started after Five regenerated into Six. Since Six's personality was so...unpredictable and caused the link to weaken slightly, well, I was probably really missing the man he used to be. At the time, at least. I learned I still loved him during the time we were separated. Though, by then, Five was here." She taps her head. "And never left."

"It was startling at first," says Luke. "Seeing another man in her memories, but she'd explain right away and it was understandable after that."

"And, on occasion," adds Coulson as he's the latest in line that's present, "it wouldn't just be the Doctor. Sometimes one of the others would pop up, too." He shrugs. "Can't fault her for what her subconscious does in her sleep."

AL and everyone nod as the recall the mention of getting the games and then listen intently as the turrets tell the story. There's snickers, laughter, then sympathetic "ooh"s at the completion.

"Ouch," says AL. "Um...your adapted controllers didn't come with the wrist-straps? I've heard of normal people putting the real ones through their televisions accidentally by not using them..."
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