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Hooray for long holiday weekends that also involve cake, that's what Lucy and the gang at the Inkwell say! The place is done up in her favorite shades of green, with Lindsey Sterling on the jukebox and a variety of candy dishes along the bar. Along with the birthday girl herself, who seems to prefer sitting on surfaces to chairs. Come on in and take advantage of the chance to party!

7/9/15 23:57 (UTC)
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Simon's on gift duty, and he's got one hell of a smile as he approaches with a present wrapped in red paper that almost perfectly matches her hair. "You know, I'd say I hope you like it, but -- you're gonna like this one," he chuckles, plopping it on her lap.

7/9/15 23:59 (UTC)
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"Autographs from Emilie Autumn and Lindsey Sterling?" Simon finishes for her, radiating smug. "Yeaaah, I may know a few people in the shipping -- mmmrph!"

8/9/15 00:02 (UTC)
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Simon laughs as he recovers from the surprise. "Nah, I'm pretty sure I would have taken what you just did as adequate payment," he admits. "Though I guess I can add in a 'told you so.'"

8/9/15 00:03 (UTC)
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"Well, if you can wait until Christmas. . ." Simon half-jokes, then ruffles her hair and kisses her cheek. "Happy birthday, Lucy."

12/9/15 02:47 (UTC)
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There's "fashionably late" and there's...well...

AL and the guys come in still sans Coulson. She is quick to explain that he's still on the search for more Inhumans ("people with powers") and he promises to be back on Doc's birthday because the next season will have started by then.

She's partly tempted to tell Simon that she spent some time with two-thirds of his namesake a few months ago but she's not sure how well that would go over, so she just says, "Hey, a violin! Hey, Data, take a look at what Simon got Lucy."

The android comes over and visually examines the instrument. He nods approvingly, stating that although this is a simple model there's a certain attribute about it that makes it sought after. ((I dunno specifics but I figure it sounded good))

"Though..." muses AL, "you wouldn't play something like that, would you? Personally, I'd be afraid I'd mess up the signatures if I did."

12/9/15 14:56 (UTC)
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It's appreciated.

"Well, it's the name used in the comics. In a nutshell, they're part of an experiment by a rogue faction of the Kree - the blue guys? Ronan was one if you saw Guardians of the Galaxy - to create genetically altered soldiers on various planets. And they can't use the word 'mutant' because that's copyrighted by FOX. Yes, seriously. That's why the X-Men are never mentioned even though, technically, they're Marvel but FOX owns the rights. Though, who knows...Marvel struck a deal with Sony about Spider-Man to bring him into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so maybe they can do the same with X-Men someday." She shrugs.

AL taps her chin in thought, wings twitching. "Hmm, maybe your resident scientists can create something to protect the signatures without compromising the vibration of the strings and the sound?"

14/9/15 17:00 (UTC)
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"Companies are weird about their copyrights..." AL says with a shake of her head.

"Tom's gonna be 19, too." AL says. Tom Holland was cast for Marvel's as-yet-untitled Spider-Man movie. "Which, I think, is closer to the comics. Both Tobey and Andrew were both almost 30 when they took the part. Isn't Peter supposed to be in high school? Granted, the actors are usually older than the characters they play." She makes a side-eye at Tommy, whose actor was 20 when was cast.

AL grins. "Good luck on that. Data plays violin, which is why I called him over. He and I do duets occasionally. I play pan flute."

19/9/15 20:31 (UTC)
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"If you think a word is bad, how about a color?" AL asks. "The color of the Wicked Witch of the West's skin had to be changed to a different shade of green when Disney made Oz: The Great and Powerful because MGM holds the rights to the original movie." She has this slight feeling they've talked about this before but she can't be sure. Or maybe it was the alter ego talking with V. Mental shrug; oh well.

"I think Data's the only one musically inclined in my group," says AL with a shrug. Then she blinks. "Er...'the trading cards'?"

20/9/15 03:45 (UTC)
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"Seriously?" Vic can't help but facepalm. "That's just -- I mean, I can understand copyright, but seriously, guys." (And I don't remember this tidbit at all, so it must have been someone else. *shrug*)

"Huh. With us, get my Secundus self over here and we could start a band," Marty says, then grins. "Because she's started collecting them like trading cards! You've got the violent one, the sciencey one, the almost-canon one. . ."

"That really applies more to your best friend than us," Forgotten retorts, waving his hand around the vast herd of Docs.


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