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Yes, the festivities have started a bit later than normal, but they have started! There's all the usual bits and bobs -- cake, cookies, a few savories on the form of meat pies, orange, red, and yellow streamers, toy DeLoreans on the tables, and the famous strains of Alan Silvestri on the jukebox. Everything's set for a nice BTTFy time -- go ahead and say hi!

23/10/16 19:48 (UTC)
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And AL and the guys march in.

"Hey," she says, "we're not the only ones late this year!" She giggles and gives the usual rounds of hugs.

24/10/16 16:52 (UTC)
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AL snerks. "We're usually fashionably late, so we were in style before it was cool." She grins and laughs. "How's that driving going, by the by?"

25/10/16 13:12 (UTC)
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AL nods. "Well, good luck on that. The alter ego actually flunked the written test twice until she was sent to an actual driving school." In my defense, I was homeschooled for high school so I dind't have driver's ed and studying the manual is different than taking the test; at the driving school I got to study the actual questions that were on the test so I did better that time. The only ones I got wrong were the ones about which way to turn the wheel on a hill.

"Anything else going on?" she adds.
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26/10/16 17:35 (UTC)
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AL chuckles. "Imagine showing up for the driving test in a DeLorean? Though I think they have their own cars fitted with a brake on the passenger side just in case."

She then nods. "Yeah, here, too. Most exciting thing is the website being worked on again. The newest Pokémon game's coming out next month but I know you're not into that." She thinks a moment. "Oh! Coulson's hand has some new features."

He nods. "An energy shield and an x-ray projector." He holds his hand up, palm pointing to one of the opaque chip bowls. A light shines from the hand and onto the bowl, making the side of the bowl seemingly disappear and reveal the chips within. He turns it off after a minute.

"And he's also no longer the director of SHIELD." AL adds sadly.

"Personal reasons," he says. "And with SHIELD coming out of the shadows and into public view, I couldn't exactly be the face of the organization anymore. I'm dead, remember? Besides, I'd rather be with my team making a difference than sitting behind a desk watching on screens."

AL agrees with that.

27/10/16 16:52 (UTC)
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AL murmurs. "Could be I was thinking of the cars at the driving school that had the extra brake on the passenger side...the alter ego has had her license for over 15 years so things could've changed in the interim so it's anybody's guess at this point." She shrugs. "Personally I tend to not think about driving since, well..." Her wings flutter. "And I can teleport and all that. If needed I can drive, but it's rare."

"She usually makes one of us drive," Tommy quips with a smile.

AL makes a face at him and he responds with a laugh. She turns to Marty. "Yeah, the alter ego's still working on the 'I-Meet-Luke' rewrite. The old version was short and quick with us getting together; this one we're taking the time to get to know each other and such. At least, it's hopeful that's how it's being portrayed. Since the circumstances of our meeting changed, other things had to have changed, too."

"It's very strange having your memories suddenly change," says Luke, then looks to the various assembled Docs and Martys (or whomever is there). "Although I suppose you kind of have had the same experience depending on whether you went through canon or no?"

"Same as it was before I became Director," Coulson answers. "Out in the field, helping my team, protecting others. We have Ghost Rider on the show now. You know..." He makes a whooshing sound and uses his hands to imitate flames around his head. "Flaming skull, deal with the devil so he says."

"We'll be finding out his origin story in a couple of weeks," adds AL. "The mooks this season thus far are being called 'ghosts' but there's more to the story that hasn't been revealed yet, but Robbie - Ghost Rider - is the only one who can hurt them. If they touch anyone else, that person goes insane and the result of that puts their life at risk. It's a crazy time, really."
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28/10/16 03:32 (UTC)
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"Maybe. . .and yeah, I know, I'm a late bloomer," Vic says, blushing. "I just never wanted to drive before. . .it took RIpta really taking a turn for the annoying to finally push me over the edge. I'd kill to have your flying abilities, you know. Or the teleportation thing. Talk about a fast commute. . ."

"Well, your folks are talking about moving too, so hopefully it'll get better next year," Marty says, before nodding at AL. "Yeah, so we hear. Vic's finally moved onto posting new stuff again after the Massive Forgotten Vows Verse Rewrite."

"It was two stories! . . .Which grew four chapters between them," Vic admits, shaking her head. "But yeah, I'm glad to be on 'Remembering You' now. Victor gets to get better now after the whole Bumby thing! Gradually."

"Well, comparing alternate universes isn't quite the same thing," Doc says, glancing around at all his various alternates. "I think your experience would be more akin to what's happened to Forgotten thanks to all the revisions Vic's been making."

Forgotten nods. "Yes, it is weird -- though I guess I'm happy to remember more of my life now. Just wish it didn't include someone trying to give me electric shocks. . ."

"Ghost Rider? I'm assuming NOT Nic Cage's version," Marty says, smirking. "Though, man, that would be kinda hilarious. . ."

"I'm pretty sure those two movies were made by an outside studio and thus don't count for the Cinematic Universe," Vic says with an amused giggle. "Which is good, because it sounds like S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn't need the extra crazy."

28/10/16 16:51 (UTC)
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"Think of it this way..." says AL, "when you're on the bus, it's the driver having to deal with traffic. If you're driving, it's you." She makes a kind of weighing gesture with her hands. "What's the lesser of two evils - sitting in traffic able to read or whatever to distract you or driving in traffic having to keep your eyes on the road?"

"Sometimes rewrites are better," is AL's opinion. "I know it was in my case especially with the older stuff. Imagine if you were going to rewrite all your older fics - how much could 'Eight Arms to Hold You' be improved on or, hell, 'VD'." If she could make an "XD" expression, she would.

"No," she says in answer to Marty, "that's Johnny Blaze, who was the first Ghost Rider in the comics. This is Robbie Reyes, the third. V's right...Nic's Ghost Rider movies were distributed by Columbia, who also apparently distributed the Spider Man films, even the new one - along with Sony Entertainment - that's actually in the MCU. Probably because of the deal with Sony that they and Marvel share the rights to the character. Anyways, Paramount started with the MCU movies, then it moved to the Overlords themselves." She waits for the blank looks. "Disney. They bought Marvel Studios, so most of the rest of the MCU is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures." She grunts. "I'm just glad they don't really mention the Disney connection until the end credits of the movies...I don't think they'd actually use the Cinderella castle ident before a non-Disney movie, but I'm sore enough about not having the 20th Century Fox anthem playing before the Star Wars theme in the new ones."

"Hey, at least you're getting more movies," says Luke. "Never mind what happened to me in them."

"You say that now..." AL points a finger. "Just wait until Christmas 2017 when we find out exactly what that was."

Luke concedes with a shrug, then addresses the Inkwell crew. "You may be hearing an 'I reject your canon and substitute my own' all the way over here at that time."

29/10/16 05:36 (UTC)
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"Oh, I'd always prefer to let someone else deal with it -- but I've dealt with buses that are super-late for no apparent reason, or ones that break down halfway to their destination, or ones who happen to have idiots at the wheel. . .and all that tilts it back toward dealing with the traffic myself," Vic explains, with her own appropriate hand gestures. "Plus it'll make my parents happy, so. . ."

"I have to cut myself off somewhere," Vic says, holding up her hands. "I mean, yeah, I look at a lot of my older stuff now and go 'what the hell was I thinking,' but if I went back and revised everything, I'd never get anything else done."

"Damn straight," Marty agrees, before looking back over at AL. "Oh -- huh. Didn't know he was a legacy character. Well, hopefully Robbie'll do all right -- Nic's a tough act to follow."

"Stop it," Vic giggles. "Interesting history, though. I knew about Disney buying Marvel, but I didn't know that about Paramount, or Columbia still getting to do Spidey. Then again, I haven't been paying that much attention to the MCU -- I watched The Avengers and the first two Iron Mans, and then I kinda drifted away from superhero stuff. All I really know is that Fox basically has a hold on X-Men forever and ever, so they don't get to be part of the MCU." She snorts. "And I think it would be kinda hilarious to have the castle in the beginning credits -- then have it blow up or something. Not a superhero movie without explosions!"

"That's half the fun," Marty comments, before giving AL an amused look. "Yeah, we all know how possessive you are. Just remember, nothing's confirmed yet."


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