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There's a curious sense of deja-vu in the air -- but then again, that's what you get when a father and a daughter have birthdays so close to each other. And the daughter is the DeLorean from Back To The Future so she's happy enough to reuse some of the decorations from her father's party last Saturday. There's a few new touches, of course -- silver streamers and balloons added to the orange, red, and yellow ones -- but nobody could blame you for walking in and wondering if you went back in time. (Which may be exactly the feeling Dee's going for, being a time machine and all.)

27/10/16 16:54 (UTC)
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AL is walking backwards talking to the guys as they walk in. "You ever feel like you're in more than one place at the same time?"

The only response she gets is stares, especially from the Doctors.

"...never mind." She clears her throat. "Happy birthday, Dee!"

28/10/16 16:59 (UTC)
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"Did I?" AL asks innocently. I was 2014 actually, lol. "Well, if I did it before, I'm sure I'll wind up doing it again." She grins and returns the hug. "Anything changed since Saturday?" she asks with a smirk.

31/10/16 01:12 (UTC)
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AL nods. "Well, if you wind up doing something, be sure and let us know. You know we'll always turn up. Late or otherwise." She chuckles.

2/11/16 16:29 (UTC)
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"More the TARDIS than my own ability," AL admits. "I can't time travel with passengers. It's the teleporting where I can bring one other person along. And I wouldn't trust my powers to get me here on time, either. It's very unreliable." She shrugs.

"The TARDIS isn't all that reliable either, lassie," says Jamie, earning himself some dirty looks from the Doctors.

"That's true," AL agrees, and the dirty looks shift over. "What? You yourself admitted it once." That statement was directed at the Fifth Doctor.

"Well, yes," he allowed, "but..."

"But the TARDIS herself told us that she always took us where we needed to go," adds Eleven.

"That is also true," says AL. "Hm...I guess the De's the only reliable time machine out there." She grins and ruffles Dee's hair.


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