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Happy Easter, everyone! Today's event is less of a party and more of a hunt -- an Easter egg hunt, to be precise. It's a pretty epic one too, as Doc, Marty, and DG-Victor all got eggs and hid them -- and didn't tell each other until after they'd done so. Of course, depending on how many guests they get, they may need all of those extra eggs...

As it stands right now, though, the competition for finding the most oval pieces of colorful plastic is between the current residents of the Inkwell. Dee's in her element, hunting down eggs in the front yard with her Daddy, while DG-Victor has of course teamed up with his wife to search the back. Simon and Lucy have paired up and are scanning the Inkwell itself, along with Marty and Steve & Gary (the latter two in puppy form for mobility's sake). And FV-Victor and BB-Victor are watching the whole thing from the roof, just enjoying the nice weather and the view -- and having snuck a fair amount of the chocolate up there with them.

So! Anybody else want to grab a basket?

24/4/17 02:29 (UTC)
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Being on time is overrated anyway.

AL and the guys run into Dee and Doc as they arrive. She sees the basket in the little girl's hand and immediately deduces what's going on.

"Ah, egg hunt," she says. "Is it Easter? My days are all kinds of screwed up..."

27/4/17 01:48 (UTC)
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AL scratches her head. "But is it really a challenge if you know where you hid yours and they know where they hid theirs?" Her wings twitch. "And is it fair for telepaths to play?"

"Would make clean up easier," is Adam's opinion. "Just gather 'em all without much fuss."

"Isn't the fun of an egg hunt actually hunting the eggs?" asks Tommy.

"I thought the fun was eating the candy?" asks AL.

27/4/17 03:01 (UTC)
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"Fortunately we all took a different area," Doc explains, smiling. "I did the back yard, Marty did front, and Victor took the Inkwell itself. So I'm here, Victor's in the back, and Marty's doing the Inkwell."

"And of course nobody else knows where they are," Dee reminds her. She tilts her head. "Except you, I guess, if you read everybody's minds. . .but don't tell me, okay?"

"If you just want candy, you'll have to ask those two," Doc says, pointing to where Forgotten Vows and Butterfly Boy are perched on the roof. They wave. "They seem to have procured their own private stash."

"Anything chocolate never lasts long in the Inkwell!" Forgotten Vows calls.

"Yes, I wonder why. . ."

29/4/17 01:44 (UTC)
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AL nods. "I suppose that makes sense, yeah. No worries, Dee. I won't spoil." She waves back to the pair of Victors on the roof. "Supervising or just hoarding all the chocolate?" She giggles.

"Can't fault them for a sweet tooth," says Jesse. "There's always that one thing someone can't resist."

"Yeah, point." AL agrees. "Hooks likes the kinds with the coconut inside, which is good because he's the only one of us who likes those." She laughs. "I like creme centers myself. And peanut butter. But I absolutely love hollow chocolate bunnies."

"And green tea ice cream," adds Luke.

"I'm talking Easter candy, not in general."

2/5/17 02:46 (UTC)
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"Thanks," Dee says, before spotting another egg hiding in some tree roots and heading off to grab it.

"Little of both," Forgotten jokes, leaning on the edge of the roof. "And hollow chocolate bunnies? Why not solid ones?"

"Well, those can be too much chocolate all in one go sometimes," Doc says wisely.

Both Forgotten Vows and Butterfly Boy look very dubious. "That's just when you eat it in pieces over a few days."

"I like peanut butter eggs myself," Butterfly Boy adds. "Actually, Vic says her favorite candy comes out around Easter -- those little chocolate eggs with a candy shell Cadbury makes."

4/5/17 00:41 (UTC)
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"To me, hollow chocolate tastes different than solid," says AL with a shrug. "It's also easier to start eating when you don't have to gnaw through a solid mass of chocolate. Just nom and done." She chuckles.

"Yeah, the alter ego's husband and mother like those, too. I'll eat 'em but sometimes they're too sweet." She assumes this will get a shocked reaction, kidding or otherwise, and so pauses just in case.

5/5/17 03:14 (UTC)
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"Ah," Forgotten says, shrugging back. "Well, to each their own. I like the challenge of trying to find just the right way to dig your teeth in."

Butterfly Boy doesn't disappoint, laying a mock-dramatic hand against his chest. "Too sweet? Say it isn't so!" More normally, he adds, "To be fair, Vic only usually has one small single-serving bag around this time of year. Any more and she might agree with you."

"Sounds to me like you should parcel out that candy you've got up there," Doc says with a smirk.

"Oh no, we're immune to such effects. Science says so."

8/5/17 23:56 (UTC)
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"Mine is to use my teeth to shave the chocolate down," says AL. "You know, when solid's all there is."

She snerks at the Victors. "My first thought was 'Science or SCIENCE! but that would only apply to Butterfly Boy, eh?" It was supposed to be a Touched joke, and apparently not a very good one. She hopes she didn't offend.

"Hooks seems to have an iron stomach, too," she adds and the critter blushes. "I don't think you've ever gotten an upset stomach, have you?"

He scratches his head for a moment. "No, I don't think so." He shrugs. "Good metabolism?"

10/5/17 03:18 (UTC)
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"Right -- I generally start with the easily-bitten off bits, like the ears, and work my way in," Forgotten replies, grinning.

"Well, I suppose it's more SCIENCE!" Butterfly Boy says, smiling in that special way he has. "Or perhaps MAGIC! in Forgotten's case. If we don't have the one, we generally have the other."

"Well, you know how she likes making her favorite characters 'special,'" Forgotten shrugs. He glances enviously down at Hooks. "I wish that was one of the ways she'd chosen. I've had my fair share of upset stomachs -- they're not fun."

"I think we do have a good metabolism, though," Butterfly Boy muses. "At least, Vic seems to find it amusing to give us a bigger appetite than you'd expect from someone who -- well, looks like us," he ends with a chuckle.

12/5/17 00:06 (UTC)
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"I think chocolate rabbit ears are the universal-nomming-starting-point," nods AL.

She smiles, glad they weren't offended by her bad joke. "Nothing wrong with that," she says. "Nothing wrong with being normal, either," she adds, remembering the one "normal" Doc in the group, even if he isn't there at the moment. "Hell, I'm only the way I am - " Her wings twitch. " - because the alter ego needed a way for me to be with the guys that made sense to a child's mind. I was created when she was young, you see."

"I've seen others go through stomach upset," says Hooks. "It certainly doesn't look pleasant, but then again pain never is."

13/5/17 04:05 (UTC)
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"Well, they are usually the most convenient part of the rabbit to start with," Doc says, smiling. "Like a handle, only for your mouth instead of your hand."

"A mouthle," Dee giggles.

"Heh, yes. . .I don't think there's anything like 'truly' normal in this group," Doc tells AL. "Even my fully-human counterparts still managed to build a time machine. But that's understandable. Vic had her fair share of superpowered alter egos when she was younger. Nowadays it seems she just prefers seeing us get all the interesting powers." He looks at his knuckles. "And traumatic backstories to go with it."

"Amen," Forgotten says, rolling his eyes. "And no, they're not. I could live the rest of my life without ever getting nauseous again."

16/5/17 02:50 (UTC)
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AL nods, agreeing with Doc. Jesse pipes in. "I think I'm the most normal of this group."

"You're a doctor, though," says Tommy. "That's no small feat."

"I remember," says AL, nodding again. "Mystie and Josie. I think that's what drew the alter ego to her. You know...same writing style and all." She pats Doc's hand. "At least she also gives you the loves of your lives, too?" she says in an attempt to lighten the mood.

"No magic to counteract stomach aches?" Hooks asks, curious.

17/5/17 03:01 (UTC)
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"Indeed," Doc agrees. "It takes a lot of hard work and study. What you've done with your life is quite impressive."

"And JC," he agrees with AL. "Goodness, those days feel so long ago now. . ." He arches an eyebrow. "You are aware that I'm currently lacking female companionship?"

"Hey, what am I?" Dee protests, hands on hips.

Steam hisses from Doc's back. "Er, different sort of companionship," he clarifies, clearing his throat. Then he reaches out and ruffles Dee's hair, smiling. "Though that's a fair point -- I may not have a girlfriend, but I have a family. I think it's a fair trade."

Forgotten blinks, then leans on the lip of the roof, looking thoughtful. "I -- huh. You know, there's two spells in my world for healing that I know of, but I've always thought of them in terms of curing cuts and bruises. Maybe I should try one of them the next time I have a stomach ache. We've got enough dandelions, and I can get my hands on some seeds easily enough."

17/5/17 20:27 (UTC)
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AL folds her wings in a way to hide the pink since, yes, she (and my defense I wrote that late at night...) did forget he didn't have a girlfriend, and tries to act like she meant Dee all along.

"It would probably depend on the definition of 'heal', I think," she says to Forgotten. "Or the cause of the upset. Indigestion is when the stomach acid attacks the digestive lining and breaks it down, so I think it'd make sense that that could be healed. If you're bloated from eating too much, however, that's not exactly something that could be healed I would think." She ponders a moment. "Makes me think about my own healing power when I had it. It was always mild-to-moderate injuries. Never thought about upset stomachs either." Am I gonna have to now?

(Peeked at your website; Flower’s Blush says it can treat headaches, so why not stomachaches? ^^ Also, since I was there, the description for Spring’s Breath is missing a "t" here: (if using this on a plan, it’s best to get seeds matching that particular plant))

19/5/17 02:54 (UTC)
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Doc won't hold it against her -- he knows most of his alternates are attached in some way, so it's an easy mistake to make. Besides, as stated, he's quite happy with the state of things as they are. He wouldn't mind getting a girlfriend, but he's got a daughter, a son, and a nephew. That's already more than he ever thought he'd have.

"Hmmm -- good point," Forgotten agrees. He playfully offers a rather large chocolate rabbit to his counterpart on the roof with him. "Butterfly Boy, want to run some experiments?"

Butterfly Boy gives him a look. "I'll wait until I get a stomachache naturally, thank you."

((Fair enough! Though it probably would depend on the kind of ache... And of course it is. *facepalm* Fix in a minute.))


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