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It's fall, or getting near it (even though it doesn't feel like it at ALL -- seriously, it was muggy as hell yesterday), and you know what that means -- birthday season is back again! And of course everyone's favorite redhead violinist is kicking things off with her September 7th birthday. Inkwell's done up in green and red, there's lots of balloons everywhere, and one of Emilie Autumn's violin pieces is playing on the jukebox. There's never been a better time to stop by and say hello!
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Yes, we've been in business for six years now! Great Scott, that's far longer than I think even Vic expected this to last. . .thank you for sharing in our adventures and attending our parties, folks. We hope to keep serving you well for years to come.
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Well, it’s that time of year again – the time where four muses all have a birthday on the same day. Johnny Depp and Michael J. Fox, you planned this, didn’t you. At any rate, the Inkwell’s done up in BTTF yellow and red and CB blue and grey, and both movie soundtracks are on the jukebox. Standard rules apply for making merry, so drop in and see if you can actually say “happy birthday” to all four birthday boys.

((OOC: And as suggested by the title, the mun is blanking on present ideas for everybody -- except one, of course. While the other muses assure me it's all right -- "This is just what happens when you give us all awesome presents for our first years here," as Marty put it -- if you could come up with an extra-special cake this year, Gigs. . .))

Windy Birthday

Sunday, 4 May 2014 10:17
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Well, in the mun's world -- Doc's doing his best to keep things down to a light breeze near the Inkwell. As it stands, though, the real focus is on everybody's favorite imaginative killer, Alice! Birthday time has come around again, as it always does, and today the Inkwell is done up in red and blue to commemorate the occasion. There's plenty of snacks and such about -- the March Hare has even done little candy snarks, which the mun is taking waaaay too much pleasure in biting the heads off of -- so come on in and enjoy yourself!
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Spring/Early Summer birthday season is beginning in the Inkwell! And as usual we have our own flight attendant guy to help start the festivities going. The party planners nearly went for a zombie theme just because, but eventually that was decided as possibly being a bit mean to the birthday boy, and instead a plane theme was chosen, with various skylines drawn on the windows and the bar made up to look like a cockpit. (And Bonejangles as the pilot, because Simon LIKES him, and they need to have a bit of fun.) There's snacks and music, so come on down!
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It's a new year, and of course a new birthday for Steve & Gary! If artificial intelligences can even be said to HAVE birthdays, of course. . .then again, one could make a decent argument for their puppy forms having ones. So yes, the Inkwell is done up with red and white balloons and blue and orange streamers for the occasion -- Dee's even made a pair of fake portals on two of the walls using the streamers and some paint -- the soundtrack to the second game is playing on the jukebox, and everybody's ready to have some fun! Go ahead and say hello -- you know you want to.

((OOC: And as of this party, presents are going almost entirely off-screen, as my well is really running dry. Right now the plan is for one present thread between myself each party, typically for a 'big' or unusual present. Otherwise, it's just going to be socializing. Might as well cut down on the selfcest, right?))
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"So -- I understand it hasn't been the nicest of holiday seasons for you?"

Forgotten looks up from his cup of hot chocolate into a familiar-yet-not pair of green eyes. He quickly scans the rest of the figure -- bulging apron pockets and a belt with lots of little pouches and loops. Secundus Alice then -- the Alice from Butterfly Boy's fanfic reality. "Why would you say that?" he asks her, raising an eyebrow. "Has Butterfly Boy been spreading malicious rumors about me?"

"No -- he's just said that you lost your game, haven't been to a lot of memes lately -- certainly not a lot of friendly ones -- and since the mun's been sick you've been missing out on a good chunk of the Christmas spirit," Secundus Alice replies, sitting down next to him.

Forgotten half-shrugs. "All true, but. . .it's not like I can change any of that. Mallow Hallow was on a slow death spiral anyway, Vic's been busy with fanfic, and I can't exactly blame her for a cold. And I played Santa with my friends today. Many of them have seemed quite appreciative." He smiles as he thinks of the hug Luffy gave him, and the other expressions of delight apparently waiting for him when he gets to his usual stomping grounds. Including hopefully one from Alice. . .oh, that would make his Christmas. . .

"Still, it hardly seems fair," Secundus Alice says, interrupting his thoughts.

"This from someone whose journal gets used once in a blue moon."

Secundus Alice's lips quirk up. "Good point. No matter what, you have the pleasure of being Vic's golden boy."

"Lucky me," Forgotten deadpans, taking a good long sip of hot cocoa.

The feel of lips against his cheek nearly makes him dump the steaming liquid all over his front. He turns to see Secundus Alice smiling at him, playful and yet very warm. "Just never forget you've got a lot of friends in your corner," she whispers. "I know it's hard for you to believe sometimes -- but you are very well loved."

Forgotten stares at her a moment. . .then slowly, returns the grin. "Thanks." He holds up his cup. "Merry Christmas, Alice."

"Merry Christmas, Victor."
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Halloween! It is here. It is awesome. And awesome holidays deserve some truly awesome parties! As per usual, the Inkwell is all decked out and ready to go – black and orange streamers, paper bats hanging from the ceiling, fake blood on the window, and a jack-o-lantern sitting by the front door outside – one that is carved with a pie shape and what looks like a razor on it. There is a reason for this – this year’s theme for most of the residents is Sweeney Todd. You can thank Lucy for the idea – she herself is dressed up as Mrs. Lovett. Simon has taken on the role of Beadle Bamford, putting on his best shifty-eyed look. DG-Victor has of course become Sweeney himself, with Alice serving as his long-lost Lucy. (Yes, there was an element of amusement about Alice dressing herself up as a Lucy.) Doc is serving as the evil Judge Turpin, and Marty as lesser antagonist Adolfo Pirelli (the “piss and ink” guy). Dee is crossdressing as the unfortunate Toby, and Steve & Gary are dressed up in their puppy forms as pies with arms and legs sticking out of them (and having probably way too much fun as such).

There are two hold-outs on the theme – the two Victors who main haunt these days is tumblr. Butterfly Boy has run with the mun’s old idea for an Avengers AU based on her primary two crossover universes and is dressed up as a steampunk Iron Man. And Forgotten Vows has taken to heart a crossover idea Vic’s friend Reenie had over there and dressed up as Nathan Wallace, aka the Repo Man, from Repo!: The Genetic Opera. There’s been a few nervous looks their way as nobody can tell if the weaponry they’re carrying is real or not. (Not that they would ever turn such on their friends, but – accidents happen.)

At any rate, there’s plenty of good food, good tunes, and good fun to be had, so go ahead and drop by! Happy Halloween!
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Not only is it Dee's birthday, it's the anniversary of Temporal Experiment #1 -- and the calendar matches up with it being on a Saturday! So that's pretty cool, isn't it? The Inkwell's done up in silver, red, and yellow this time, with little toy DeLoreans on the tables and paper fire trails to hold up the balloons. Just like on Tuesday with Doc, there's fun and merriment to be had, so stop on by!
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60-something, 70-something -- it seems to change depending on which bits of the canon you go by (TAS, movies, Game). And of course this Doc has to account for a) time spent not on earth, b) time spent in Chicago, & c) time spent in a pocket universe whose personal timestream was really messed up for a while there.

Well, while determining Doc's age may be an exercise in futility at this point, determining his birthday is easy -- it's today! The Inkwell is decked out in the usual streamers -- orange & brown -- with red and yellow balloons and a few cute cut-outs of gears helping to hold everything up. BTTF's theme is playing on the jukebox, and goodies are set out on the bar itself. You all know the drill by now, so let's get to giving presents!
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"Here we are."

Forgotten Vows carefully pushes open the door with one hand, the other cradling a tiny silver creature. Said tiny silver creature looks remarkably like a miniature dragon -- a very sleepy one. It cheeps as they enter the main room of the Inkwell, looking around with curious but droopy eyes. Forgotten smiles and pets its head with a finger. "Welcome home, little one."
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Yup, after a couple month's break in summer, we're into the fall birthdays again, starting off with Lucy! As usual, the bar is done up in green, although this time Doc's added various bits of greenery (both real and fake, depending on where it's placed) to add a little extra oomph to the decorations. Lucy's perched on the bar, swinging her legs and looking for all the world like a kid in a candy store. Shall you come over and say hello?
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It's quiet up here.

That's what Forgotten likes about this spot. Downstairs, the Inkwell hums with life and energy and the general chaoticness that results when you put so many muses in one place and tell them to call it home. But on the roof, the world is peaceful. He sits on the very edge, as far away from where he thinks the bar is as possible, dangling his legs over the ledge and looking up at the night sky. Stars twinkle in a sea of velvet black, and a soft breeze rustles his hair. It's soothing. Gentle. Calming. Nice.
He needs it. )
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Yes, today is the Inkwell's fifth anniversary! On this date in 2008, the mun granted Clockwork Doc the title to the place, figuring that, should things go wrong RP-wise, having him in command of the vaguely-imagined place she was using as a muse hangout would be good for keeping him around.

It's proven to be a lot more than that, hasn't it? The population's jumped up to ten regulars and a bunch of visitors, the place has gotten a solid construction (helped by some Sims-related blueprints), and it's essentially become the home away from home for all of the RP muses. So five years of having it around is more than adequate reason to celebrate!

And celebrating they are -- the Inkwell is hung with rainbow-colored streamers and balloons, and a big sign declaring "FIVE YEARS" in shimmery silver letters. The jukebox is on and playing a medley of songs from the soundtracks of BTTF, Corpse Bride, and both Alice games. The tables all have new tablecloths, and a bunch of the chairs have ribbons tied on them, thanks to Dee. And the bar -- well, it's clear to see Doc and March have gone all-out with the food. There's large bowls of potato chips, popcorn, and pretzels, a huge plate piled with sandwiches (chicken and chicken salad on one end, turkey and ham in the middle, tuna and cucumber at the other end), and various kinds of cake and pie ready for serving. There's also a "build your own" sundae station, with nuts, various kinds of syrups, whipped cream, different kinds of mini-candy, sugar cones (either for crushing and mixing or for using as hats for face sundaes), bananas for banana splits, and a little mini-freezer keeping the chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cookie dough, and Snickers-style ice cream cool. Basically, whatever the hell you'd like to eat, it's available.

So yeah, come and celebrate with the gang! (And hurry, because with three Victors around these days, the sweets probably won't last long.)
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Yes, today is all about the birthday of the newest member of the Inkwell group -- Forgotten Vows! Why are we neglecting Marty McFly, DG-Victor, and Butterfly Boy?

Largely because everyone realized we were up to FOUR people with the same birthday (SIX if you count Tie-Twister and Secundus Marty), and everyone said, "Oh HELL no." It's just too much trouble at this point to keep track of everyone. So, to simplify things, the party is being focused on the guy who has yet to get one.

So! The Inkwell is not only done up in Corpse Bride-flavor blue, but "Alice"-flavor red as well today. The jukebox is playing bits from the "Alice" soundtrack -- primarily anything that strongly features piano, with a few other pieces Forgotten likes as well. And sprinkled liberally around on the unoccupied tables is butterfly confetti, as that applies to both series equally. Forgotten himself is at the traditional birthday table, looking a little shy, but happy to be so loved. Won't you come by and make sure to welcome him to the family properly?
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Oh yes, you know the drill. Birthday times for Alice! We've got blue and white streamers held up with little cardboard Vorpal Blades, and a splash of red confetti across the tables and floor. The jukebox is on too, and playing a medley from both the original game and "Alice: Madness Returns" -- because while this Alice may be from the first game only, she still likes her sequel. Come, eat, drink, and be merry!
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Because, technically, it is also Easter Monday.

Regardless, we all know the drill by now, don’t we? It’s a birthday, and it’s Simon’s! Honestly, he’s quite satisfied with the mun’s declaration that he’ll never be the victim of an April Fool’s prank here as celebration, but hey – having the Inkwell decorated with Easter egg-patterned balloons and getting presents from his friends is pretty nice too. And who’s going to pass up free cake?

So come in and have some fun! The mun’s only played one prank today, and it’s not even on Dreamwidth – you’re safe.
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A new year has arrived, along with, as usual, a birthday for everyone's favorite foul-mouthed portal turrets. The Inkwell's got some new polish on it, along with lots of white, grey, and red streamers and balloons. There's also an "Aperture Science Turret Redemption Unit" sign hung up above the door outside, which elected some flat "Ha. Ha."s from the boys.

Still, it's a party, it is fun, and everyone is welcome! Let's celebrate!
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Okay, everyone who's liable to play here is probably already familiar with what happens in the Inkwell, but for completeness's sake, here's what we generally do here:

-->Birthday parties for the characters

-->Two holiday parties: Halloween and Christmas

-->Occasional "reaction to what's happening in the games/memes/whatever the characters are in" threads

-->Occasional "just hanging out" threads

All of this is done in meta-format -- that is, the characters are still themselves, but they're acting like they would in a community like [community profile] dear_mun.

Visit the Old Inkwell here!


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