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Name:The Inkwell Bar
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Community description:Musebox for crossover_chick RP characters, set up as the bar they live at

Welcome to the Inkwell Bar and Grill. Founded by [personal profile] crossover_chick, this space serves as living space and a general hangout for her and her friends' muses outside of their games. Essentially, when they're not being strictly IC in their "games," they're being casual here. Attractions include a pool table, dart board, and karaoke machine, along with a fully-stocked bar and plenty of good food. Feel free to come in, sit down, and stay for a spell. Just beware of the coffeemaker in the back.

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[personal profile] clockwork_doc: The owner and proprietor of the Inkwell. An alternate universe Doc Brown who was kidnapped by Faeries and altered into a steampunk cyborg -- he releases steam on occasion from his elbows and back. A brilliant scientist, he keeps things running smoothly inside the bar. Except for that damn coffeemaker.

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[personal profile] museicalmarty: Doc's best friend. Marty's from the same alternate universe and was also kidnapped by Fae, altered to look more handsome and forced to sing near-endless concerts. This somehow didn't dampen his enthusiasm for performing, and he sometimes provides entertainment on the karaoke machine.

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[personal profile] deadgirlslikeme: An early-canon version of Victor Van Dort who fell through the Rift shortly after awakening Emily. He's become quite close friends with Doc and Marty in the Inkwell, and has even started a new relationship with Alice Liddell. Still very shy and quiet, Victor mostly keeps to himself -- though sometimes he can be persuaded to play the piano for everyone.

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[personal profile] save_us_alice: A now post-game version of Alice Liddell from "American McGee's Alice," who's managed to save her sanity and is now living with her aunt and uncle in Oxford. Quiet and less murderous than one might expect, Alice has made friends with the other muses and even formed a romantic relationship with Victor Van Dort. She tends to ruin games of darts by showing her skill throwing her knife.

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[personal profile] flightattendantguy: The "flight attendant guy" from two Lemon Demon/Too Much Spare Time Animation music videos, whose name has been revealed to be Simon Garfunkle. A clumsy guy with a talent for getting into odd situations and a hidden badass side, Simon nominally works security at the Inkwell. Mostly, though, he just hangs around shooting the breeze with his buddies.

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[personal profile] misslucysleeches: An original character inspired by Emilie Autumn and her song "Miss Lucy Had Some Leeches," Lucy Leech is a bright, bubbly young woman who also happens to be a muse. She uses her powers to keep the inspiration level high inside the Inkwell. Sometimes this leads to some rather odd stuff from Doc. . . .

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[personal profile] dee_lorean81: A Part III DeLorean that fell through the Rift and gained the ability to shift into human form -- specifically, a six-year-old girl. "Dee" spends most of her time just wandering around the Inkwell, chatting with customers and playing games. She also serves as transportation should anyone need it.

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[personal profile] thosetwoturrets: Two "Portal" turrets from a parody machinima, named Steve and Gary after their programmers. With a greater artificial intelligence than their creepily-voiced canonmates and a love of videogames, Steve and Gary spend most of their time slacking off in their room at the Inkwell. Doc finds them useful for scaring off intruders, though.
[personal profile] butterflyboy: This is an alternate version of Victor from the world of "Secundus," the mun's NaNoWriMo 2010 project. His world happens to be a steampunk England in the style of "Girl Genius" or Narbonic. He came to the Inkwell shortly after getting his new clothes and meeting Alice in Chapter 2 of the story, arriving during the rather hectic Halloween 2010 party. He's quite shy, but, fortunately for everyone, quite adaptable too. He's been updated a few times since, and thanks to events on his tumblr account, is now a full-fledged mad scientist.

[personal profile] forgotten_vows: The newest member of the community, Forgotten Vows is yet another alternate Victor. This one actually managed to live through all his canon -- but was denounced as a madman by his parents after it was all over and thrown into the Houndsditch Home for Wayward Youth, where he met Alice, fell in love with her, and -- suffered some indignities at the hands of Dr. Bumby, to put it lightly. He's from after all that mess, trying to move on. As you might imagine, he's rather more cynical than his fellow Victors -- and rather more in favor of violence as a problem solver. Like Butterfly Boy, he has a tumblr (in fact, that's where he got his start).

Other Staff
Mrs. Plum -- the cook at the Ball and Socket from Corpse Bride, Mrs. Plum handles the food for the undead population that visits the bar (mostly fellow Corpse Bridians). Unfortunately, she also tries to cook for the living from time to time, so be careful.
The March Hare -- the one from "Secundus," that is. Upon discovering Mrs. Plum trying to cook for the living residents, he insisted on moving on and being the local chef. As he's an incredibly good cook, nobody objected to this.

This is a musebox community for [personal profile] crossover_chick's RP characters. All characters belong to their rightful copyright holders -- no infringement intended. Banner made by [personal profile] gigs_83.
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