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"So -- I understand it hasn't been the nicest of holiday seasons for you?"

Forgotten looks up from his cup of hot chocolate into a familiar-yet-not pair of green eyes. He quickly scans the rest of the figure -- bulging apron pockets and a belt with lots of little pouches and loops. Secundus Alice then -- the Alice from Butterfly Boy's fanfic reality. "Why would you say that?" he asks her, raising an eyebrow. "Has Butterfly Boy been spreading malicious rumors about me?"

"No -- he's just said that you lost your game, haven't been to a lot of memes lately -- certainly not a lot of friendly ones -- and since the mun's been sick you've been missing out on a good chunk of the Christmas spirit," Secundus Alice replies, sitting down next to him.

Forgotten half-shrugs. "All true, but. . .it's not like I can change any of that. Mallow Hallow was on a slow death spiral anyway, Vic's been busy with fanfic, and I can't exactly blame her for a cold. And I played Santa with my friends today. Many of them have seemed quite appreciative." He smiles as he thinks of the hug Luffy gave him, and the other expressions of delight apparently waiting for him when he gets to his usual stomping grounds. Including hopefully one from Alice. . .oh, that would make his Christmas. . .

"Still, it hardly seems fair," Secundus Alice says, interrupting his thoughts.

"This from someone whose journal gets used once in a blue moon."

Secundus Alice's lips quirk up. "Good point. No matter what, you have the pleasure of being Vic's golden boy."

"Lucky me," Forgotten deadpans, taking a good long sip of hot cocoa.

The feel of lips against his cheek nearly makes him dump the steaming liquid all over his front. He turns to see Secundus Alice smiling at him, playful and yet very warm. "Just never forget you've got a lot of friends in your corner," she whispers. "I know it's hard for you to believe sometimes -- but you are very well loved."

Forgotten stares at her a moment. . .then slowly, returns the grin. "Thanks." He holds up his cup. "Merry Christmas, Alice."

"Merry Christmas, Victor."
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It's quiet up here.

That's what Forgotten likes about this spot. Downstairs, the Inkwell hums with life and energy and the general chaoticness that results when you put so many muses in one place and tell them to call it home. But on the roof, the world is peaceful. He sits on the very edge, as far away from where he thinks the bar is as possible, dangling his legs over the ledge and looking up at the night sky. Stars twinkle in a sea of velvet black, and a soft breeze rustles his hair. It's soothing. Gentle. Calming. Nice.
He needs it. )
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Okay, everyone who's liable to play here is probably already familiar with what happens in the Inkwell, but for completeness's sake, here's what we generally do here:

-->Birthday parties for the characters

-->Two holiday parties: Halloween and Christmas

-->Occasional "reaction to what's happening in the games/memes/whatever the characters are in" threads

-->Occasional "just hanging out" threads

All of this is done in meta-format -- that is, the characters are still themselves, but they're acting like they would in a community like [community profile] dear_mun.

Visit the Old Inkwell here!


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