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Hey, everyone, it's almost the end of October, and you know what that means! PARTY MANIA! Starting of course with everyone's favorite mad scientist, Dr. Emmett L. Brown! The bar is completely decked out in red, orange, and yellow for the occasion, with a few brass gear cutouts holding up streamers and weighing down balloons. BTTF's soundtrack's on the jukebox too, with Vic having made a playlist of all the bits that accompanied Doc's scenes. It's a hell of a party (probably because we're just past the official 2015 Day), so come in and have fun!

23/10/15 01:12 (UTC)
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Marty's up with two Victors to present the gift this time -- DG and Butterfly Boy. "We're dragging him along because he showed us what we got you," he says, as BBV blushes and rubs the back of his head. "Happy Birthday, Doc!"

23/10/15 01:13 (UTC)
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"Yeah, yeah, it's a clock -- open it up and see what kind of clock," Marty says, poking him gently.

23/10/15 01:14 (UTC)
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"One person on tumblr does, at least," Butterfly Boy says. "I saw it under the Part III tag Vicky and I track, and once I showed it to Marty and DG. . ." He grins. "I got one for my Doc too."

23/10/15 01:15 (UTC)
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"Oh, that's actually a good idea -- I'll do that before he hangs it up."

23/10/15 01:16 (UTC)
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"You're welcome, Doc," Marty says. "Happy birthday."

24/10/15 01:45 (UTC)
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AL and the guys come in and this time the group is complete. Coulson is present sans tie and suit jacket and sporting a black glove on his left hand.

AL runs over to whatever assembled Docs are around and gives them big hugs. "Happy birthday! And happy day-after-Back-to-the-Future-Day also!"

24/10/15 22:53 (UTC)
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He can strangle bad guys with it, so that's a plus, haha.

"Well," says AL, "really Doc doesn't have a canon birthday, right? Most writers generally just use Chris' birthday for the ease of it, though we know of one that picked July. I don't think they were thinking of it when they wrote the story...remember, John Lithgow was originally supposed to be Doc." She pauses and thinks. "Come to think of it...his birthday's in October, too. The 19th. But, again, I don't think that was in their minds at the time. They didn't have Google back then to say 'Okay, they go to the future on October 22nd, is that anywhere near a birthday?' "

25/10/15 15:37 (UTC)
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"Well," says AL, "we all know how shy Chris is. If any filming was being done in October, he probably never mentioned it. But given the long filming time for Part II and Part III, I'd be surprised if someone didn't have a birthday during it."

"I agree, though," she says to V. "On-set parties always look like a lot of fun. Actually, his actor - " She points to Twelve. " - celebrated his while filming Saturday's episode."

26/10/15 17:06 (UTC)
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AL nods. "Heck, even if they didn't want to make a fuss I'd personally stick a cupcake in their trailer or dressing room if I were there."

"Things were rocky for a while but he's mellowing," says AL, gently nudging Twelve in the arm.

He clears his throat. "We know why I have this face now."

"It's been implied," AL elaborates, "that the Doctor subconsciously has some kind of control over what face he gets while regenerating. That could be why Six looks like the guard that once shot Five...I don't think you forget if someone shot you point-blank."

Five absently rubs his chest.

"Anyways," she continues, "we mentioned back when he was cast about his actor already playing Caecilius in Pompeii and Ten and Donna and I saving his family from Vesuvius despite the eruption being a fixed point in time.

"So, we were, well, we were on Earth and there were Vikings; I didn't have the chance to check when we were. As always, alien invasion. There was this girl, Ashildr, who died while we were fighting the threat. He'd grown close to her so had a brief 'My God, What Have I Done?' moment since it was his actions that caused her death." She's quick to add, "Accidentally...she had a weak heart we didn't know about. Then he goes through his Eureka Moment and we realized that Twelve chose this face to remind himself that sometimes you have to say Screw The Rules, I'm Doing What's Right." (this is the scene that made me love my show again)

"I saved her life with some reprogrammed tech from the invaders," says Twelve, but he doesn't sound happy. "But, barring accidents, I made her immortal. I gave her another piece of that tech in case she meets someone she feels she can't live without."

"Yeah, we'll see what happens." AL shrugs. "Almost every episode this season is a two-parter, so we'll find out what happened to her next time." Technically they know since this comment is being written on the 26th and part two aired on the 24th but let's live in the moment. Dee's birthday is right around the corner for someone to ask about it.

"And the Master is back," says Twelve.

AL makes a face. "Yeah, except she's 'Missy' now. Ugh. That puts it out there that, someday, the Doctor could be female as well." Her expression of disgust deepens. "We all know my views on that. Let's not bring it up again."

"Shall we bring up your timeline changes?" Ten asks.

She shrugs. "I guess. Remember when I listed my guys I mentioned JediBen, the character of the alter ego's ex? Well, he's going to be erased from existence for me. Personal stuff...check the alter ego's journal. And the guys here are going to be rearranged again. Data'll be last since, with JB out of the picture, there's no reason for him to die. The specifics haven't been fleshed out yet, but I heard she'll also expand a little on my Secundus self. She had this idea that Touched!Me is slightly afraid of heights and so won't fly higher than Ferdy's head on her own. Unless Plot drives it." Stop hinting at stuff I can't write yet, AL.
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27/10/15 16:34 (UTC)
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"I think the two-parters are for story purposes," says AL. "One can only do so much in 42 minutes...with 84 you can go into more detail and such." She clears her throat. " 'Missy' is short for 'Mistress'. Don't get me wrong, the actress who plays her is brilliant and wonderful at capturing the Master's insanity, I just don't want to think of the possibility that the Doctor may become female at some point." Beat. "Unless she's played by Hayley Atwell - Peggy Carter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - only then I may be able to accept it." She shrugs.

She giggles at V. "The alter ego's afraid of heights a little, too. Getting up on a horse, that's fine. Flying in a plane is fine, too, though sometimes she gets airsick. But if someone were to lift her up on their shoulders, then she freaks out." It's not so much the fear of heights as it is the fear of what happens if you fall. AL continues, "I dunno if it's too ingrained, though. She still dreams she can fly sometimes. Plus that want is the whole reason I have wings in the first place in the meta-sense."

28/10/15 17:16 (UTC)
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"Twelve to thirteen episodes and a Christmas special," answers AL. "That's what constitutes a 'season' usually. There were some special cases like when Ten was on his way out and they got only five one-hour specials - one in December, one in April, one in November, then a two parter with part one airing the following December and part two airing on New Years. And, of course, the extra special regarding the 50th anniversary. Funnily enough, Nine, Ten and Eleven got thirteen episodes in their normal seasons...Twelve's only got twelve."

"It's the drops," says AL to V. "Tower of Terror? No way in hell. Roller coasters? Well...kind of. Depends on her mood. Big drops are terrifying and sudden bursts of speed, too. Like the Rockin' RollerCoaster in Disney...the way they take off like a bat out of hell right out of the gate." She shudders. "And the alter ego has the added disadvantage of wearing glasses. She takes them off before going on a coaster so even if she kept her eyes open for the ride she still wouldn't be able to see anything." I can only ride one or two coasters before feeling queasy, then I have to stop. Which sucks because I do enjoy riding like Batman and Superman at Six Flags even though the speed and drops scare me. And yeah never going on the Rockin' RollerCoaster ever again.
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29/10/15 03:26 (UTC)
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"Maybe somebody couldn't resist the opportunity to make the season match his regeneration number," Vic smirks. "But that's pretty long for Brits -- I've seen shows where a season was a mere six episodes. Without Christmas."

"I don't think I could do Tower of Terror either," Vic admits, rubbing the back of her head. "As for roller coasters -- I'm very weird. I won't go on a normal one, but I LOVE water rides which are essentially the same freaking thing. Like, I'm fine with Dudley Do-Right -- in the end, anyway -- but never expect me to get on the Hulk Coaster." She shudders. "Or Rockin' RollerCoaster -- yikes."

29/10/15 16:54 (UTC)
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AL shudders. "The alter ego's husband made her go on the Hulk because they took the kid on Amazing Spider-Man and it scared her, so he thought the alter ego should go on something that scared her." Great guy I married, right? :/ In my defense I didn't remember ASM being so intense, but I'm sure she got over the experience. She hasn't talked about it since at any rate...


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