Happy May Day!

Monday, 1 May 2017 22:54
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Another party, so (relatively) soon? Well, it is a holiday -- Victor's favorite holiday, in fact! And neither DG-Victor, Forgotten Vows, nor Butterfly Boy is willing to let it pass by without any recognition at all. So they've set up what they believe are the necessities for a proper May Day:

-->A Maypole with colorful streamers out in the back yard

-->A picnic blanket for those who would like to eat outside

-->Little floral centerpieces for all the tables, as well as a basket of flowers hung on the door

-->And flower crowns! They've each made themselves one, and are busy tying together daisies and violets to make ones for their friends. Alice and Dee are already sporting theirs, and they're more than willing to make some for anyone else who might pop by wanting to celebrate spring.

So yes -- if you're of a mind to prance around in flowers and maybe have some snacks, come on by! You don't want to make Victor (any of him) sad, do you?
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Happy Easter, everyone! Today's event is less of a party and more of a hunt -- an Easter egg hunt, to be precise. It's a pretty epic one too, as Doc, Marty, and DG-Victor all got eggs and hid them -- and didn't tell each other until after they'd done so. Of course, depending on how many guests they get, they may need all of those extra eggs...

As it stands right now, though, the competition for finding the most oval pieces of colorful plastic is between the current residents of the Inkwell. Dee's in her element, hunting down eggs in the front yard with her Daddy, while DG-Victor has of course teamed up with his wife to search the back. Simon and Lucy have paired up and are scanning the Inkwell itself, along with Marty and Steve & Gary (the latter two in puppy form for mobility's sake). And FV-Victor and BB-Victor are watching the whole thing from the roof, just enjoying the nice weather and the view -- and having snuck a fair amount of the chocolate up there with them.

So! Anybody else want to grab a basket?
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Well, it seems the gang has grown sick of birthday parties (not helped by their mun forgetting one at the beginning of the year -- sorry Steve & Gary!), so they're changing it up a bit this year -- instead of birthdays, they're throwing parties for holidays! And what better one to start with than Valentine's Day?

...Okay, there's actually only one explicitly romantic couple in the group, but even so. Pink, purple, and red paper hearts are hung up on all the walls, and those little conversation heart candies are piled in dishes along the bar and in the center of every table. The jukebox is primed with some love songs, and there's a clear area for anybody who might want to dance -- currently occupied by said romantic couple. Hey, if there's one thing Victor and Alice (and their mun) love, it's a little dancing. They're more than open to company, though! As is everyone else, who is just taking advantage of the day to chow down on candy.
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There's a curious sense of deja-vu in the air -- but then again, that's what you get when a father and a daughter have birthdays so close to each other. And the daughter is the DeLorean from Back To The Future so she's happy enough to reuse some of the decorations from her father's party last Saturday. There's a few new touches, of course -- silver streamers and balloons added to the orange, red, and yellow ones -- but nobody could blame you for walking in and wondering if you went back in time. (Which may be exactly the feeling Dee's going for, being a time machine and all.)
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Yes, the festivities have started a bit later than normal, but they have started! There's all the usual bits and bobs -- cake, cookies, a few savories on the form of meat pies, orange, red, and yellow streamers, toy DeLoreans on the tables, and the famous strains of Alan Silvestri on the jukebox. Everything's set for a nice BTTFy time -- go ahead and say hi!

Lucky Seventh

Wednesday, 7 September 2016 20:08
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Oh, you know this song and dance by now -- or at least, Lucy hopes you do, as she's singing and dancing along to the song on the jukebox. Green streamers and balloons, along with a healthy sprinkling of table confetti on the bar, complete the look of the Inkwell for this birthday. Come on, the birthday girl needs a partner.

Vague Age

Thursday, 9 June 2016 21:38
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"So -- you guys are 25 and 24 today, right?" Marty inquiries, playing with a party popper.

"On tumblr, anyway," Forgotten Vows nods. "And even then not always, depending on if someone has an AU thread going. I usually go back to being about 20 when playing with her friend Liz."

"High school AU -- in at least one universe, I'm probably eternally a high school senior," Butterfly Boy confirms with a small laugh. "It's rather weird, isn't it? If you're a muse, your age is never truly a constant."

"I don't know -- Marty and DG don't do memes, and their timeline has always moved forward, more or less," Forgotten comments, and smiles at his friends. "How about you?"

Marty and DGVictor glance at each other, then shrug in unison. "No clue. Someone forgot to keep proper track while introducing all her little timeline errors."

Cue the glare from the mun. "You're both in your mid 20s -- just pick something and we'll go with that!"
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"Look, I'm just saying that it would be rather funny if you were the one who inspired all those tentacles and shizz in his work. I mean, Queensland is prime eldritch real estate."

"I'm not denying that," Alice says, wondering how her birthday celebration took a turn toward the Cthulhuian. (Oh, right, her mun is mildly obsessed with all things cosmic horror.) "It's just we have no idea if Mr. Lovecraft was in the area or not at the right time."

"He doesn't necessarily have to be if we're talking about dreamwalking. . ."
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Oh come on, you all know the drill by now, don't you? Simon (and friends) are just grateful that the cold snap held off coming today.

"Yeah, Vic's been telling stories about the great April Fool's day snowstorm from when she was a kid. Tempted to hit back with the one about the guy who got diarrhea mid-flight. . ."

Someone please come along and stop this conversation before it takes a turn for the very worse.

((OOC: Yeah, it's finally happened -- I'm out of present ideas. So let's just go for silly fun from now on, okay?))
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New Year, new experiences, and a new birthday for our favorite foul-mouthed Portal turrets! Red and white streamers and balloons give the bar the appropriate feel, and a big TV with various gaming systems (and the special puppy-ready controllers) has been set up at the back to make the pair feel right at home. Come in, sit down, and maybe see if they can ever stop arguing about which is better -- "Halo" or "Call of Duty."
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Hey, look everyone! Halloween is on a Saturday!


Yes, after an unfortunate gap last year due to the mun having no free time between work and a housesitting gig, the Inkwell Halloween party returns full-swing this year! There's fake cobwebs in the corners, orange and black streamers held up with cutouts of ghosts and black cats lining the tops of the walls, orange balloons with various pumpkin faces painted on them attached to some of the tables and chairs, a big jack-o-lantern featuring the BTTF Logo and flux capacitor (carved by Doc and Marty) sitting in the window, and all sorts of creepy tunes spewing out of the Jukebox. The gang is definitely making up for lost time here. Speaking of which, the costumes this year all seem to revolve around "I thought it was funny/this would be hilarious on you:"

Doc is, of all things, his TAS-counterpart's brief super-hero alter-ego Mega Brainman -- Marty spotted the illustration of it in Vic's Back In Time BTTF timeline book and insisted Doc sport the getup. Dee immediately glomped onto the idea too, to the point of wanting to be Doc's sidekick -- so the gang came up with a silver costume featuring a glow-in-the-dark flux capacitor painted on the chest and traditional domino mask, and dubbed her Fluxeen Capacitor. Marty, for his own part, bowed to the mun's wishes when it came to his costume as recompense for the Brainman, and is dressed up as The Organist, the main villain of the "Lovelace and Babbage Vs The Organist" arc of the Lovelace and Babbage webcomic. He's almost enjoying being a goofy music-themed supervillain a bit too much.

DGVictor has decided to go as another Johnny Depp Tim Burton character this year -- Ichabod Crane from Burton's take on Sleepy Hollow! He's even got the ridiculous/awesome eyewear, courtesy of his scientist counterpart who whipped up his own set for his lepidoptery. Alice matches as Katrina Van Tassel, Ichabod's love interest in the film, complete with blond wig and striped dress. The two are amusing each other by pretending the apple bob they've set up in the corner is the scene of a grisly murder.

Lucy decided to get creative this year and call upon a favorite game of the mun's -- she's dressed up as a Sims 2 Plantsim. The body paint and "tattoos" took a while, she'll happily admit, but "look at how cool they are!" Simon, in response, has decided to go as just your everyday Sim -- which, yes, just means he's wearing a clear headband with a plumbob. He's taking the teasing about "laziest costume" with good grace, pointing out it took him only five seconds to get ready for the holiday, "which means more candy-eating time." Steve & Gary are in puppy form for ease of sneaking treats, but their costumes as such, in their own words, were "too meta to pass up!" Yup, they're Portal turrets, sporting the tall oval bodies around their middles and with Gary wearing white "socks" on three feet for the tripod.

And as for our tumblr pair? Well, Secundus is doing a "creatures beyond the stars" theme for Halloween, inspired by the mun's earlier love of Bloodborne, so naturally Butterfly Boy's dressed up as a Bloodborne-style Hunter. He's gone for a Father Gascoigne-ish look -- wide-brimmed, slightly-rumpled black hat, grey scarf and black short cloak, black longcoat, grey shirt, and dark grey pants. And as for Forgotten Vows --

Dude. You're seriously a bedsheet ghost?
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Part II of Backie Birthdays -- you've got to celebrate the car at the center of it all, don't you? Especially when it's sentient and has the ability to take on human form. The decorations for Dee's party are similar to Doc's, but with toy DeLoreans of all stripes taking the place of the gears and extra balloons in shiny silver. The music's similar too, except with a focus on chase sequences and the main theme. At any rate, Dee would certainly be happy to see her friends -- and you wouldn't want to disappoint a face like that, would you?
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Hey, everyone, it's almost the end of October, and you know what that means! PARTY MANIA! Starting of course with everyone's favorite mad scientist, Dr. Emmett L. Brown! The bar is completely decked out in red, orange, and yellow for the occasion, with a few brass gear cutouts holding up streamers and weighing down balloons. BTTF's soundtrack's on the jukebox too, with Vic having made a playlist of all the bits that accompanied Doc's scenes. It's a hell of a party (probably because we're just past the official 2015 Day), so come in and have fun!
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Hooray for long holiday weekends that also involve cake, that's what Lucy and the gang at the Inkwell say! The place is done up in her favorite shades of green, with Lindsey Sterling on the jukebox and a variety of candy dishes along the bar. Along with the birthday girl herself, who seems to prefer sitting on surfaces to chairs. Come on in and take advantage of the chance to party!
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For *dramatic crack of thunder* SUPER MEGA ULTRA BIRTHDAY! AKA what happened when I decided to go ahead and let Victor and Marty have the same birthday, before picking up two more Victor muses (and technically a second Marty, though he doesn't quite count as he's part of a rarely-used group journal). Of course, we all know the drill by now -- bar decorated in blue, white, red, and orange; BTTF and Corpse Bride soundtracks on the jukebox; little DeLoreans and toy skeletons serving as table centerpieces. Come in and be prepared to say "Happy Birthday" at least four times. :P
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Spring has finally sprung around the mun's house, just in time for Alice's birthday! As a result, there's a surprising number of flowers around the bar -- little bud roses in tiny vases, and lilies and violets in larger containers. There's also the requisite streamers (blue and white) and balloons (red). The birthday girl herself is making some daisy flower crowns with Dee to celebrate the occasion. She certainly wouldn't say no to extra company!
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I think everyone involved in this business knows the drill by now -- the Inkwell's got blue and white streamers held up with clips shaped like airplanes; the traditional airplane snacks (peanuts and pretzels) are lined up on the bar in handy dishes, and a plush purple squid wearing a pilot's cap serves as a centerpiece for the birthday boy's table (courtesy of Dee). Come in, eat food, chat, and basically make merry. Simon certainly is.
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Well, it's certainly a new year, and that means a new birthday party! This time for our favorite foul-mouthed turrets! How these two got through GLaDOS's assembly line is anyone's guess. (Except the mun's headcanon is that they were taken off the line as regular turrets and reprogrammed by bored programmers, sooo. . .) Anyway, you all know the drill -- red and white Inkwell, the boys sitting around the bar playfully shining their targeting lasers at everybody, cake, snacks, the works. Come in and welcome the New Year in style!
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It's the end of October, so of course we're completely inundated with parties! Today it's our favorite little DeLorean Dee's birthday! The bar doesn't look too different from how it looked when Doc was having his birthday -- just with the brass balloons exchanged for silver and red and orange added to the ribbon decorations. Dee's looking extra bouncy this year, and who can blame her? After all, her family's now officially grown by two this year! (Three if the mun ever gets her ass in gear on a certain event. . .)
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It's the end of October, and we all know what that means -- party time! And, as usual, first up is Doc's birthday. Also as usual, the party's being held in the Inkwell's main room, with orange ribbons bedecking the walls, shiny brass balloons bobbing on the chairs, and the usual BTTF medley playing on the jukebox. But there's something a little less usual about this particular party --

This is the first one Doc's had since his family grew by one son and one nephew. Who seem about ready to give him his present. . .