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Hey, look everyone! Halloween is on a Saturday!


Yes, after an unfortunate gap last year due to the mun having no free time between work and a housesitting gig, the Inkwell Halloween party returns full-swing this year! There's fake cobwebs in the corners, orange and black streamers held up with cutouts of ghosts and black cats lining the tops of the walls, orange balloons with various pumpkin faces painted on them attached to some of the tables and chairs, a big jack-o-lantern featuring the BTTF Logo and flux capacitor (carved by Doc and Marty) sitting in the window, and all sorts of creepy tunes spewing out of the Jukebox. The gang is definitely making up for lost time here. Speaking of which, the costumes this year all seem to revolve around "I thought it was funny/this would be hilarious on you:"

Doc is, of all things, his TAS-counterpart's brief super-hero alter-ego Mega Brainman -- Marty spotted the illustration of it in Vic's Back In Time BTTF timeline book and insisted Doc sport the getup. Dee immediately glomped onto the idea too, to the point of wanting to be Doc's sidekick -- so the gang came up with a silver costume featuring a glow-in-the-dark flux capacitor painted on the chest and traditional domino mask, and dubbed her Fluxeen Capacitor. Marty, for his own part, bowed to the mun's wishes when it came to his costume as recompense for the Brainman, and is dressed up as The Organist, the main villain of the "Lovelace and Babbage Vs The Organist" arc of the Lovelace and Babbage webcomic. He's almost enjoying being a goofy music-themed supervillain a bit too much.

DGVictor has decided to go as another Johnny Depp Tim Burton character this year -- Ichabod Crane from Burton's take on Sleepy Hollow! He's even got the ridiculous/awesome eyewear, courtesy of his scientist counterpart who whipped up his own set for his lepidoptery. Alice matches as Katrina Van Tassel, Ichabod's love interest in the film, complete with blond wig and striped dress. The two are amusing each other by pretending the apple bob they've set up in the corner is the scene of a grisly murder.

Lucy decided to get creative this year and call upon a favorite game of the mun's -- she's dressed up as a Sims 2 Plantsim. The body paint and "tattoos" took a while, she'll happily admit, but "look at how cool they are!" Simon, in response, has decided to go as just your everyday Sim -- which, yes, just means he's wearing a clear headband with a plumbob. He's taking the teasing about "laziest costume" with good grace, pointing out it took him only five seconds to get ready for the holiday, "which means more candy-eating time." Steve & Gary are in puppy form for ease of sneaking treats, but their costumes as such, in their own words, were "too meta to pass up!" Yup, they're Portal turrets, sporting the tall oval bodies around their middles and with Gary wearing white "socks" on three feet for the tripod.

And as for our tumblr pair? Well, Secundus is doing a "creatures beyond the stars" theme for Halloween, inspired by the mun's earlier love of Bloodborne, so naturally Butterfly Boy's dressed up as a Bloodborne-style Hunter. He's gone for a Father Gascoigne-ish look -- wide-brimmed, slightly-rumpled black hat, grey scarf and black short cloak, black longcoat, grey shirt, and dark grey pants. And as for Forgotten Vows --

Dude. You're seriously a bedsheet ghost?

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Better late than never, AL and the guys come in. AL is dressed as the Wicked Witch of the West and the rest of the guys are her flying monkeys and Hooks is Toto. Except Coulson who is Captain America, Erik who is wearing his Red Death outfit from the "Masquerade" sequence, and Twelve...well, Twelve is Jack Skellington (if the link doesn't work let me know; I found it on Facebook).

"Happy Halloween my pretties!" AL cackles, waving her broom.
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2/11/15 18:34 (UTC)
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"Thanks," she says. "It was either this or Gru and the minions and I think I can do a cackle better than whatever accent Gru's supposed to have. Though I briefly toyed with the idea of Mickey's Apprentice character from Fantasia." She proceeds to use telekinesis to make her broom walk across the room, snag some candy and bring it back to her. "But I know Oz better, so..." She shrugs and chomps down on chocolate.

And then she raises her eyebrow at Forgotten. "Eh...a little cheap, don't you think? At least Simon had more steps than just cutting holes in a bedsheet. DG-Victor I could understand cuz he can do that ghosty thing, lost me, kid. I'm assuming there's something more than the sheet at this point."
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3/11/15 17:51 (UTC)
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"Really? And here I thought everyone was a fan of the minions." She shrugs. "Granted when you have a kid, it's almost a requirement to watch those movies. Well, not me of course, know who." She waves her hand in a vague gesture. "But, anyways...yeah, Oz." She cackles a little for effect.

And then the sheet comes off. "Moh-way," is the response (or however you spell it, lol).


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