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New Year, new experiences, and a new birthday for our favorite foul-mouthed Portal turrets! Red and white streamers and balloons give the bar the appropriate feel, and a big TV with various gaming systems (and the special puppy-ready controllers) has been set up at the back to make the pair feel right at home. Come in, sit down, and maybe see if they can ever stop arguing about which is better -- "Halo" or "Call of Duty."

1/1/16 22:42 (UTC)
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Dee's the one to present the gift this year, as weirdly enough she's one of the ones who gets on best with them. Being someone who can switch from being technological to organic at will is probably a part of it. At any rate, she puts a simple thin box in front of them, wrapped neatly in red-and-white striped paper. "Happy birthday, guys!"

1/1/16 22:45 (UTC)
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"Yeah, Vic figured you might like it -- even if the Zero Punctuation guy didn't," Dee giggles.

1/1/16 22:50 (UTC)
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Dee grins as she gets the game box open. "Can I play too? It's got a split screen mode."

2/1/16 21:58 (UTC)
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Hey, they're not that late this time!

AL and the guys march in and this time she's clinging a bit to Luke. Not full-on won't-let-him-go clinging, but arm around his and holding his hand; just enough to make the Jedi look more amused than annoyed.

"Happy birthday Turrets!" she says. She holds up the hand holding Luke's. "Just because his future self isn't having too good a time in this new movie."

"Which has nothing to do with me," says Luke. "Since I'm based on my Return of the Jedi self."

"Don't care. Doesn't matter." AL sets her mouth in a determined line and cuddles up to him. "Love you."

Luke shakes his head with a smile, sighs and pats AL's head.

3/1/16 18:06 (UTC)
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Luke waves the hand AL's not holding. "We've been friends a while. I'm used to it."

"If they weren't being inappropriate," says AL, "then we'd worry."

The guys nod.

5/1/16 02:02 (UTC)
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AL rolls her eyes, then turns to V to answer her question. "Jumbled. We're still in the process of being rearranged as the alter ego remakes the website and rethinks my life. And things jump around as her primary fandom changes. First Twelve, now Luke. Sometimes Data sneaks in there if Our Song plays on the radio. I feel like a yo-yo that's been formed into that 'rock-the-baby' trick."

6/1/16 00:25 (UTC)
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AL pats Forgotten on the arm then waves her hand dismissively. "It's nothing we're not used to. It's just a little more often nowadays. Once things get settled and she actually WORKS on the damn thing instead of being lazy, it should calm down."

Then she smiles a little. "That happened once. Long time ago in one of those 'ack!-no-one-but-me-will-ever-read-this' stories. Fanfiction written before knowing what fanfiction was. Actually that's where the Hall O'Rooms in my house on Alnilam came from. The story goes that I was on the Enterprise and wanted to go home and I took Data with me. Then all the guys ended up on my planet and decided to stay there with me, so I needed a place for them to sleep. Hence a long hallway with private bedrooms for everyone. That's also when Woodhorn was created; one of the guys was Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer...don't ask, please. But we needed a threat to a vampire and, thus, unicorn with a stake for a horn." She shrugs.

Data frowns. "I have no recollection of that experience."

The other guys agree.

"We're talking nearly two decades ago," she says. "Buffy first aired in 1997, so the alter ego was 13 going on 14. Once expanding upon what really happened, as it were, that sad concoction of a story faded into the ether and you guys remained blissfully unaware. I like what I have now, anyway. Combining universes is limited to the blog when it's not in limbo, and here. And the occasional crossover that also need rewriting."
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7/1/16 02:35 (UTC)
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AL frowns at Steve. "Dragons are cool."

Then she thinks a bit. "Hm...well your first NaNo crossover was in '07, right? And since it was in November you wouldn't have turned 21 yet if I'm doing my math right. So starting at 20."

She counts the assembled Victors, then says, "I thought you had a list of everything. At least you have your tumblr with some of them, like the Victor with Moonlight. I know you have a lot, though...I'm glad my 'alternate universes' are limited to two."

9/1/16 01:00 (UTC)
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AL has to concede that point with a nod and a shrug.

She refrains from commenting on the age thing, though she does raise an eyebrow, since the age range of her group goes from the 20s to over 2000 years.

And her eyes widen at the AU count. "Seriously? Wow, that's...a lot. Great I'm really glad the ones I'm involved in only add up to two...three if you count the DragonVale fic you wrote for the alter ego." She whistles.

10/1/16 04:23 (UTC)
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The collective eyes of AL and the guys widen as V names them all, then decides it'd be cruel to mention that she only named 21 of them -- because even that's insane -- and they rush to catch her in case she falls over.

"Great Orion, woman!" AL exclaims. "Is it even possible for you to keep them all organized?"


10/1/16 21:42 (UTC)
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That would be Clark, as he's the fastest of AL's group minus AL herself. Super speed and all.

Hooks offers V a glass of water he somehow carries over on his head without sloshing the liquid everywhere and Data brings over a chair for her.

AL gapes a bit more. "Y'know, the alter ego once told me she admires you for certain things you're able to do...set stories within stories and stuff like that. If you can keep all that straight, you deserve a medal or something."
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12/1/16 19:21 (UTC)
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Hooks gives a little smile and blushes as Data shrugs and puts the chair down where he found it.

AL actually nods, understanding. "I get it. Inspiration's a funny thing. Do you have, like, a document that you stick random scenes in? Because the alter ego does. Named 'Story Scenes' fittingly enough. Whatever idea sparks her interest that she just needs to write out goes in there. There's no way of knowing when the thing was created because of computer glitches messing up the date, but it had to be in the late '90s because Eight's included and the Movie didn't air until '96. It's 368 pages with 94 different 'scenes' from different shows or whatever strikes her fancy in it. Some of the things she gets inspired by even I question."

And they're a little lost as they discuss Portal, as they're not familiar with the franchise.


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