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"Look, I'm just saying that it would be rather funny if you were the one who inspired all those tentacles and shizz in his work. I mean, Queensland is prime eldritch real estate."

"I'm not denying that," Alice says, wondering how her birthday celebration took a turn toward the Cthulhuian. (Oh, right, her mun is mildly obsessed with all things cosmic horror.) "It's just we have no idea if Mr. Lovecraft was in the area or not at the right time."

"He doesn't necessarily have to be if we're talking about dreamwalking. . ."

5/5/16 14:41 (UTC)
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AL and the guys march in, AL talking to the guys over her shoulder. "And then he kissed the bride and everyone cheered and - " She blinks as she registers what the Inkwell crew was talking about. "Wait, do I want to know what we just walked into?"

6/5/16 18:58 (UTC)
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AL raises an eyebrow and scratches her head. "Are you talking about the authors or something else? Lovecraft was born eight years before Lewis Carroll died, so maybe~..." She draws out the word while making "maybe yes maybe no but it sounds cool so why not?" gestures with her hands (don't ask me what that looks like, lol); even her wings wobble.

9/5/16 01:32 (UTC)
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AL covers her mouth and clears her throat to hide a snort. "Wikipedia seems to consider his 'heyday' as you say to be the last decade of his life. He died in 1937 and The Call of Cthulhu was written in 1926. Do all your Alices share the same birth year?" She counts on her fingers real quick because even easy math iz hard. "She'd be in her...seventies when it was written I think? If your intention is Lovecraft meets Alice...the only thing is he was never really in the best of health and Wiki makes it seem he was pretty poor throughout his life, so unless she took a trip to the States I can't see him traveling across the pond." She shrugs. "I know they do nowadays if their healthy, but did the elderly do traveling like that in their retirement years in the old days?"
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11/5/16 15:29 (UTC)
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"And," adds AL, "according to its Wiki, 'Otherlands' takes place in 1876." She shrugs. "You may need to have him be inspired the old fashioned way -- by books. Maybe instead of Lewis Carroll writing the Wonderland books, Alice herself did and gave her tentacle-y twist on them." She shrugs again. "That's the only thing I can think of currently without going AU."


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