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Thursday, 9 June 2016 21:38
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"So -- you guys are 25 and 24 today, right?" Marty inquiries, playing with a party popper.

"On tumblr, anyway," Forgotten Vows nods. "And even then not always, depending on if someone has an AU thread going. I usually go back to being about 20 when playing with her friend Liz."

"High school AU -- in at least one universe, I'm probably eternally a high school senior," Butterfly Boy confirms with a small laugh. "It's rather weird, isn't it? If you're a muse, your age is never truly a constant."

"I don't know -- Marty and DG don't do memes, and their timeline has always moved forward, more or less," Forgotten comments, and smiles at his friends. "How about you?"

Marty and DGVictor glance at each other, then shrug in unison. "No clue. Someone forgot to keep proper track while introducing all her little timeline errors."

Cue the glare from the mun. "You're both in your mid 20s -- just pick something and we'll go with that!"

10/6/16 13:47 (UTC)
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AL and the guys march in as is their normal fashion, though those with better-than-average hearing are briefly stunned by the shouting.

"Um, everything okay guys?" AL asks, rubbing her ears.

11/6/16 04:16 (UTC)
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Vic blushes, not having realized she was getting loud. "We're fine -- I'm just being mocked," she adds with another look at Marty.

"Hey, I'm the one having to deal with not knowing how old I am," Marty shoots back with a smirk.

"Has it actually impacted your life in any way yet?"

". . .okay, no, but still."

13/6/16 14:33 (UTC)
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AL reassures V with a wave of her hand that it's fine; "loud" for her, Clark and Radu is different than it would be for humans. Then, upon hearing the problem, she raises an eyebrow.

"Well," she says, "if it's any consolation, most of these guys are stuck at whatever age they were in their respective movie or show regardless of how many birthdays they have."

"Twenty-five," says Jamie. "Even though in my last canon appearance I was forty-one."

"Twenty-one," says Adam.

"Thirty-one," says Tommy. He scratches the back of his head and fiddles with his ponytail. "Even though canon-me cut this off and has facial hair."

"Thirty-five," says Jesse.

"Also thirty-five," says Gary.

"Twenty-three," says Luke. "Despite my cameo at the end of the new one, which takes place thirty years later, making me fifty-three."

Erik looks like he doesn't want to answer but he does anyway. "I'm also thirty-five."

"Although I do not age as humans do," says Data, "I have been active for thirty-seven years." Beat. "My 'canon' incarnation was destroyed after being active forty-one years."

"I think I'm the only one whose age is current," says Coulson. "I'm fifty-four."

Radu blushes and says quietly, "Eleven."

"As a reminder," says AL quickly, "he was just a friend. He's here because I want him here. And the Doctors and Jack don't count since they age even less than Data. Though I guess they'd be the actors' ages at the time?"

They shrug.

"Thirty-three," says Five.

"Thirty-seven," says Eight.

"Forty-one," says Nine.

"Forty-two," says Ten, "as of the 50th anniversary."

"Thirty-one," says Eleven, "as of the 2013 Christmas special."

"Fifty-eight," says Twelve. "Next series airs in 2017." Technically "age is current" doesn't apply here since the Twelfth Doctor's age is...complicated. Over 2000 for sure.

"Forty-four," says Jack, "and lookin' good."

"Yeah, so..." says AL, "I wouldn't feel too bad about it." She grins.

((I know you're on vaca; I just wanted to get this out in case you get WiFi and have a moment. Respond whenever and have fun on the trip!))
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"Sheesh, didn't expect so many of you guys to be in your thirties -- and I never would have pegged you for fifties, Coulson! But it's kinda different for you all anyway, isn't it? 'Cause you're mostly in fanfic and meta-stuff," Marty points out. "So nobody thinks too much about aging there. Vic's got us interacting with other people who get older, so. . ."

"Though even that's not very consistent, given how Clark's universe has always run faster than ours, and now regularly leaps ahead thanks to his major story arcs having been completed," Doc says. "And for the Victors outside of our own DG -- well, on tumblr they get older, but their main presence on LiveJournal and Dreamwidth has always been in memes, which results in variable ages."

"That even happens on tumblr from time to time, like I said," Forgotten nods. "Goodness, I've technically skipped forward a year with one friend so we could do a 'she's having a baby' thread together. . . What's the saying? Age is just a number?"

Marty snorts. "Yeah. And you don't want to think too much about the math behind it."
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