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Wednesday, 7 September 2016 20:08
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Oh, you know this song and dance by now -- or at least, Lucy hopes you do, as she's singing and dancing along to the song on the jukebox. Green streamers and balloons, along with a healthy sprinkling of table confetti on the bar, complete the look of the Inkwell for this birthday. Come on, the birthday girl needs a partner.

12/9/16 14:43 (UTC)
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One can't blame them for being late this time; AL and the guys trudge in. The tips of her wings are blue, but she's trying to smile regardless. Seeing Lucy dancing, she takes it upon herself to jump and join in.

13/9/16 12:28 (UTC)
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Truth be told she hadn't been listening to the lyrics, but now that she's mentioned it, it probably will be a good idea. "Sure," she says. "So, how's it been over in this corner of the universe?"

14/9/16 16:28 (UTC)
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"Thanks," she says, then, "Oooh, great choice." She proceeds to take Lucy's hands and do a kind of couple's dance with her, twirling her around and such*.

She then shrugs as she dances. "Other than the thing I'm sure you've heard about, it's pretty much been the same for us. We did have a couple visitors over the last couple days. We're actually from about a week into the future because know. I needed time. But, anyway, the new Phoenix Wright game's out by when we came from so the alter ego's brought up that 'I save Phoenix from falling off a cliff' thing again. Also the real world had...will have...whatever...on the anniversary of the movie Labyrinth the alter ego went to see it in the theater, so Jareth stopped by, too." What, you're surprised she knows the Goblin King? "Oh," she adds, "and no, we didn't bring any lottery numbers." She chuckles.

((* -- there's a couples dance called "New York" that can be sort-of performed to Shut Up and Dance, but unfortunately I can't find video of it because to YouTube "New York" is a line dance performed to that New York, New York song by Frank Sinatra. So AL's not doing a choreographed routine, but something fun, lol))

15/9/16 15:55 (UTC)
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AL chuckles. "I'm glad the alter ego doesn't make lists of songs for the guys and I. We just have the one 'they're playing Our Song'. Granted there's enough guys for each Song together to make a playlist..." That didn't make too much sense the way she said it, but she means that if you take each Our Song and put it together, you get a playlist; I actually have one on YouTube.

She eyes the Victors with a small smile. "Well, like Fluffy the Cat before her, she will live on in fics. My Secundus self was given her, after all."

She then makes a so-so gesture. "He did fall off a 40-foot-high bridge into an 18-feet-deep river in the third game. And somehow pulled through with only a cold. Could be how she got the idea, but I think her thoughts are that he gets attacked by someone -- if eventually written in the same format as the game, probably the culprit of whatever crime is committed -- and shoved off a cliff and I, acting on instinct, show my wings and dive off the cliff to teleport him to safety. That's as far as she's got. I think she's waiting 'til the end of the current game to think of anything else because his old assistant, Maya, is back in this one and she wants to make sure they don't get together or anything. I doubt they do, and she's no stranger to rejecting a canon and substituting her own, but just in case."

All she can reply to V's reaction to them not bringing the lottery numbers is a laugh, a shrug, and a smile.
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Shut up and Dance is only just over 3 minutes long, so at the end she dips Lucy with a flourish.

"We're still short a few, too," says AL. "We haven't figured out the Song for a few of the guys yet."

"Like me," says Jamie.

"And me," adds Adam.

"Here, too," puts in Gary.

"Plus a few more," says AL with a wave of her hand. "Yes, yes, we're slacking. Oh well."

She then nods at Butterfly Boy. "I believe she was going to be at the fair even before...the incident. So, yes. She's taken a break from that one for a little to work on the I-Meet-Luke story, but she will get back to it."

And one more nod at Lucy. "I like to think that, were our meeting a game, then that Dramatic Reveal would be an anime cutscene. Then viewable in the Extras menu after completing the main game." She chuckles. "It's the 'physics' that's plaguing her now." She pauses, thinking. "I don't think that's the right word. Here, let me illustrate."

AL goes over to the bar and grabs some pretzel sticks, breaking them into pieces to make crude (but tasty) stick figures. Potato chips acts as her stick figure's wings. She holds out her hand and the figures float into the air. Stick!Phoenix is positioned so that he's falling while Stick!AL is skydiver-style hurtling toward him. ((A visual aid with even cruder (and less tasty) stick figures, yay!))

"So, Phoenix is falling and I'm after him, right? When I catch up, I wrap my arms around him and teleport him back up."

The stick figures come together and Stick!AL holds onto Stick!Phoenix.

"It's being considered if I should try and slow the momentum before teleporting, lest we keep it when reappearing and thus hit the ground hard and risk injury anyway. But opening my wings at that velocity may nearly rip them out of their sockets. I heal fast, but that's gonna frikken hurt and sometimes pain makes my powers not work right." She taps her chin. "I suppose the overwhelming concern the other characters on the top of the cliff have for Phoenix's safety could act as an anchor. It'd be Trucy -- his adopted daughter -- and Apollo and Athena -- his apprentices -- so those feelings should be strong enough to guide me back up." She shrugs. "Well, there's no plans to write it out yet so I'll just have to entertain myself with visions of the rescue." She shrugs again and eats the stick figures.

But not before playfully flinging one of the pieces in V's direction at her expression, giggling herself. Her wings are still blue at the tips, but it's less prominent now, indicating she's feeling better.

19/9/16 00:53 (UTC)
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AL giggles. "You should see what I can do with that song if the alter ego could find a video of the damn dance." ...don't blame me, blame YouTube.

She nods at V. "Yeah, that's what happened with Coulson. 'Meteor Shower' by Owl City just kind of jumped up and bit us, but the lyrics made sense: ♪I am not my own, for I have been made new. Please don't let me go, I desperately need you♪."

Coulson nods. "Well, I was resurrected and then started feeling uneasy about the things that didn't add up and you were one of the few I could trust, so...yeah."

She can't comment anymore on any canine companions, but she perks up at Doc's words. "Wow, I had knowledge," she grins. "But, yeah. Tucking and rolling's a good idea, though. But, again, nothing to worry about 'til something's written. It's not even a story scene yet, so I think we have a while." Probably. Stick with fantasy visions.

AL just shrugs and laughs at V. "Well, can't blame me for trying."
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