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Well, it seems the gang has grown sick of birthday parties (not helped by their mun forgetting one at the beginning of the year -- sorry Steve & Gary!), so they're changing it up a bit this year -- instead of birthdays, they're throwing parties for holidays! And what better one to start with than Valentine's Day?

...Okay, there's actually only one explicitly romantic couple in the group, but even so. Pink, purple, and red paper hearts are hung up on all the walls, and those little conversation heart candies are piled in dishes along the bar and in the center of every table. The jukebox is primed with some love songs, and there's a clear area for anybody who might want to dance -- currently occupied by said romantic couple. Hey, if there's one thing Victor and Alice (and their mun) love, it's a little dancing. They're more than open to company, though! As is everyone else, who is just taking advantage of the day to chow down on candy.

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No matter the reason for the party, AL and the guys are still late. AL is flip-flopping between clinging to Luke and clinging to Twelve, as if she can't decide which one to hang onto.

"Happy Valentine's Day, folks!" she chimes.

16/2/17 15:52 (UTC)
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AL makes a so-so gesture. "Yes. And no. And yes. When not working on that elusive 'Secundus Fair' fic ((another chapter is coming, I swear!)), the alter ego is still writing the new version of the 'I-Meet-Luke' story. And then she'd had a dream with Twelve in it." Beat. "But, also...well, Twelve's actor is leaving the show this Christmas, and I know it's only February and we have a while but it puts out there the old 'who are they gonna pick next?' worry. And the title for the next Star Wars movie was's The Last Jedi."

" 'Jedi' is both singular and plural, Lisa." Luke points out. "At this stage it could mean anything."

"You've said. And Mark [Hamill] has said. Still. As the images floating around the Internet say, 'I better not have to watch Luke Skywalker die with my own two eyes I swear to - ' insert your deity of choice." She shakes her head. "Anyway, enough of the gloomy stuff." She clears her throat. "Valentine's Day is kind of interesting for us since, well, all of them had the relationship with me." She chuckles. "It's mostly an excuse to eat candy and not feel guilty about it."

"We do more than that," says Tommy.

"Yeah, true."

"We deep clean the house," says Adam. "We keep it fairly tidy as it is, and we all are responsible for our own rooms and the areas we use, but we'll get together and give the place a good scrub from top to bottom."

"As you know," says Clark, "it's a big house. Super speed helps."

"I help with the smaller, hard to reach places," Hooks puts in.

"And while they do that," adds AL, "I get to do whatever I want, which is usually nothing. It's great." She grins big.
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"Oh," Marty says, sobering. "Yeah, that's -- that's a little less fun than just watching some favorite stuff and working on fanfic. I'll keep my fingers crossed Luke makes it through this latest one."

"We all will," Victor nods, then chuckles. "I think most of us are using the same excuse."

"You're the only one who's got anything going on," Marty points out. "Me, I just like a steady supply of chocolate."

"Who doesn't?" Alice says, before arching an eyebrow at the various AL's boys. "You spend Valentine's cleaning? If you're going to pick a holiday to give the house a scrub, I'd pick Easter or May Day. The phrase is 'spring cleaning' after all." She shrugs. "But if you're happy with the current arrangement..."

17/2/17 15:34 (UTC)
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"Lisa's not your typical Valentine," says Luke.

"And ours is not a typical household," adds Tommy.

AL nods. "I'm not a girly-girl," she says. "Many of what would be considered 'traditional' Valentine's Day things I'm just not interested in. Like, name things usually associated with Valentine's Day."

"Flowers," says Adam.

"Flowers die. I'd rather have something practical; preferably something I can eat."

"We were giving edible arrangements before Edible ArrangementsĀ®." Jesse puts in.

"I get the pineapple," grins Hooks.

"As for chocolates," says AL, "well none of us will say no to chocolate. Go on."

"Breakfast in bed," says Gary.

"I'm not a breakfast person and I'd prefer not to be woken up before I'm ready. I'll occasionally get lunch in bed, though, if one of them notices I'm awake before I've decided to actually get out of bed."

"Gifts," says Tommy.

AL shrugs. "I kind of already have everything I could ever want or need."

"Going out to eat," says Coulson.

"Or cooking a meal," adds Jamie.

"We do that anyway," says AL. "So, you see, Valentine's Day to us is different than what it is for others. And don't forget that half of these guys aren't from Earth, so it's not something they celebrated until the group." The six Doctors, Radu, and Luke all nod. "Don't get me wrong," AL continues, "if there's something special I want to do or one of them wants to do for me, I won't object."

"That's kind of how the whole 'winter cleaning' thing started, actually," says Jesse. "We didn't know what to do and she off-handedly said 'Why don't you just clean the house and then we'll go out for dinner and a movie?'."

"I meant the cleaning thing as a joke, really," says AL, shrugging. "But they did it anyway and it stuck as a yearly thing. And as the group of guys grows, the less time it takes as well, so it's not like it takes all day."

"Well, the laundry might," jokes Luke.

"Yeah but you can do other things while the machines do their thing. And we do spring cleaning, too," she adds for Alice. "But I help then. I'm not allowed to help on Valentine's Day, so I sit around and read or I go somewhere warm if the weather is bad. Easter's just another day to non-guiltily eat candy and not a big celebration thing...and honestly I've never heard of May Day until we started hanging around with you guys. The alter ego never had a reason to look up a holiday like that...she doesn't do good, thorough research like V does." Hey, sometimes I do...

21/2/17 04:22 (UTC)
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AL "hmms" for a moment. "Hey, Data...May Day. Go."

The android blinks at her phrasing but complies. His eyes glaze over as he accesses the information. "May Day," he says. " 'Public holiday usually celebrated on May first. In the late 19th century, May Day was chosen as the date for International Workers' Day by the Socialists and Communists of the Second International to commemorate --' "

"Data! Is it still celebrated today?"

"Accessing." Data says. "According to my records, May Day is still celebrated throughout Europe and in some areas of Canada, the United States and Hawaii."

"There you go!" says AL, reaching to pat Forgotten's shoulder before remembering the story and acting like she was just going to push her hair behind her ear. "It's still celebrated!"
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